Documents of the 12th Congress of the New Communist Party of Britain

Main Resolution of the 12th National Congress in December 1999

This will be the century of socialism

Workers of all countries, unite!


The New Worker remains the sole weekly communist voice in Britain. It presents the policies and perspectives of our party to the working class and the broad mass of the people. It raises issues of national and international importance that directly bear on the working class and the world revolutionary movement. It is a tool for conveying a Marxist-Leninist analysis to the problems of the day while pointing the way to the socialist future.

The New Worker is read by thousands in Britain and thousands more overseas. Articles are translated and reprinted by progressive and communist journals all over the world. The editorial, selected articles and main news items appear weekly on our Internet pages enabling us to reach out to British and overseas students and their institutions. The NCP web-site on the Internet, now four years old, has greatly assisted in winning new contacts from movements and individuals involved in struggle across the continents. During the Balkan War it allowed us to remain in daily contact with the Yugoslav people under Nato attack. It has proved a valuable asset in the struggle to extend the readership and sales of the paper.

The New Worker has a crucial role in the struggle to overcome the weaknesses and divisions within the labour, trade union, peace, co-operative and left movements in Britain. This can only come about through increased sales and activities around our communist weekly. New Worker rounds and pitches account for the overwhelming majority of sales every week. Subscriptions and sales in independent bookshops and shops, while equally important, can never substitute for direct sales and face-to-face contact with the people.

The fight to win more readers and supporters of the paper is closely linked with the struggle to raise funds to ensure the New Worker's survival. Our paper represents the voice of struggle in all its forms, giving a clear communist line to the issues of the day, and a Marxist-Leninist analysis of the problems facing the working class. The bigger the readership, the greater the influence of the party will be. This is our paramount task.

The New Worker is the key component of the party's means of communication. The paper must be kept at the forefront of organisational and ideological work. The resources and expertise of the party membership must constantly be harnessed to improve the content and development of our paper.


The New Worker is not in competition with the Morning Star. Our paper is a communist weekly and the Morning Star is a daily paper of the left. Though the political line of the Morning Star is ultimately led by the revisionist Communist Party of Britain it seeks to be the broad daily paper of the left as a whole. We support that aim despite the many differences with its direction and stance. But differences between communist analysis and that of the broad left, or a section of the broad left, are inevitable during the process of working class struggle.

The NCP has consistently helped to defend the Morning Star whose daily coverage of industrial news is an asset to the union movement. All members and supporters are urged to read it and take part in the activities of the People's Press Printing Society.


The Marx Memorial Library in London, now in its 66th year, is another important asset of the working class and the British communist movement. The Library has recently re-opened after extensive refurbishment partly supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The improvements should give more visitors and members better access to the Library's priceless collection of working-class and communist literature and archives. The New Worker is an affiliate and comrades actively participate in the Library's work. All comrades are urged to campaign for trade union affiliation to the Library as well as joining on an individual basis.


The New Communist Party must be at the forefront of every-day struggle fighting for the maximum unity amongst the class to achieve winnable economic gains and political objectives while all the time presenting the case for communism and revolutionary change to end the whole system of exploitation once and for all.

Only a revolutionary party can lead the class to overthrow the bourgeoisie. It can't be done through elections  because when the ruling class is threatened it abandons the trappings of democracy  which are after all only democracy for itself and go into open dictatorship. It can't be done through general strikes because they in themselves can so easily be defeated or diverted by our rulers,  though a general strike is part of the arsenal of revolutionary advance.

A socialist revolution means the transfer of political power from the capitalist class to the working class. It can only succeed with the mobilisation of the masses. It can only succeed when the ruling class is unable to rule in the old way and the working class is no longer prepared to be ruled in the old way. There must be a leading Marxist-Leninist party around which the working class can close ranks.

Throughout the world the communist movement has been built on sacrifice and hardship. Our party is no exception. Every comrade must work to build the party and take part in the daily struggles of the people at work and in the locality. Class consciousness is at its sharpest at the point of production and we must focus on industry. We must build groups and branches in every factory and office, in every industry, trade and housing estate.

We want a fighting party based on the tried and tested principles of democratic centralism, iron discipline, regular self-sacrificing work  and an unyielding hatred of the capitalist system. We want a party with deep roots amongst working people because it is not parties that make revolutions  it is working people,  the overwhelming majority of the population of this country who once they realise their strength are unstoppable.


Bourgeois democracy is democracy for the exploiters and dictatorship in all but a formal sense for the exploited. Bourgeois elections, when they are held, are used so that the maximum number of votes can be manipulated by the smallest number of people. Parliament no more makes the real decisions for the country than the councils do in the localities.

Socialism ensures that the will of the masses, the overwhelming majority of the people, is carried out. There will be no more exploitation. Everyone will have decent housing, a job, good education, a free national health service and decent pension when the time comes to retire.

There will be no more slums, poverty, racism, discrimination and bigotry. There will be culture, sports, arts and entertainment for all, by the masses for the masses. The old culture of selfishness, individuality and competition  which pits worker against worker will go. Every worker  in their plant, office or collective will have an important role to play. The destruction of the environment by capitalism, including the destruction of the rainforests, would be replaced by a system of planned, sustained production for use not profit.

There will be no more artificial white-collar and blue-collar divisions  no more dead-end jobs because every job will have a value for society. And hours will be less and workers will have more recreational time: time to appreciate life, to discover and debate, to play or travel, time to ponder, time to create.

Socialism will unleash the great potential of working people to build a new and better society, for themselves and for the generations yet to come.

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