The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 16th September 1977

The New Worker

It can't be done. Your paper will never see the light of day. That was the attitude of many when plans for The New Worker were first mooted.

But we have proved them wrong. Here is issue one of our paper and it will be coming out every week from now on.

The New Worker will be a paper of "balanced comment" in the true sense of that phrase.

A social system that can put more than 1,600,000 people on the dole queue is evil and our paper's "balanced comment" will be to say just that.

A social system that can wipe out unemployment and turn the Tsar's backward Empire into today's Soviet Union is the kind of system that Britain's workers need. We will say that as well.

The New Worker will be more than a paper that is sold in factories. It will be a paper of the factories, breathing their life, created by their workers.

Our readers will be our writers too. The bulk of the material in this first issue has. been penned by our supporters in factory, mine and office. Our Worker Correspondents are exactly that.

The New Worker will not just be a paper that reports on militancy but one that actively seeks to take it forward.

Right-wing leaders may have won the day at the TUC and imposed Dennis Healey's Stage 2½, the "12-month Rule", but The New Worker will be fighting alongside those who are out to achieve a restoration and advancement of working class living standards. £20 a week extra is needed to put the average worker back where he was before the Social Contract starting cutting into wage packets. The miners demand £135 a week. In all the battles, The New Worker will be there.

At enormous cost, Britain's workers have made gains time and time again, only to see them lost in a few months or years. A conspiracy of silence has concealed the truth that, under Socialism, gains that last can and have been made. Simple militancy has not brought Socialism - the militants who have won that have been armed with a scientific understanding of the world and how it works._

The New Worker will seek to extend that understanding among workers in Britain.

The New Worker is not afraid to say that Marxism -Leninism is right because it is true.

The New Worker will be a paper that fights for peace. Not by turning the other cheek, but by helping build a peace movement in Britain that will force peace on those who 'want war and profit by it.

The New Worker will be anti-fascist and anti- racist.

It will be against all those who would split worker from worker on the basis of race, colour or creed.

It will seek to be the voice of Britain's ethnic minorities, with their writers expressing their problems and desires.

The New Worker believes in the full equality of women. Our writers - female and male - will seek to strengthen and give direction to the movement for women's rights.

The New Worker is for the fullest development of popular culture. Workers have a right to enjoy more than just the leisure industry's most popular lines.

Above all else, The New Worker will be internationalist, a paper that exposes the lies that divide; the world working class. Every week it will be trying to help bring nearer the universal triumph of Socialism.