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The New Worker Online archive for 2009

18th December 2009Miliband V. Justice. Christmas: its all very well for the rich.

11th December 2009Chancellor Alistair Darling's 2009 pre-budget statement. Copenhagen climate change conference.

4th December 2009Foundation hospitals' falling standards. Financial crash in the United Arab Emirates. Swiss Islamophobia

27th November 2009Pensioners die as heating bills rise. John Chilcot inquiry into the Iran war opens.

20th November 2009A mixed week for Gordon Brown - a missed opportunity at the opening of Parliament but a good result in Glasgow.

13th November 2009MORE BLOOD ON PENTAGON'S HANDS. Gordon Brown's letter of condolence, The Sun and Murdoch

6th November 2009The banking crisis in Britain is far from over. The Russian Revolution.

30th October 2009As postal deliveries grind to a halt the morale of the strikers is rising in the wake of a storm of support from other unions and the general public.

23rd October 2009120,000 postal workers are on strike in a momentous dispute to prevent the Royal Mail being reduced and restructured to a privatised marginal wing of a European Union-wide postal service.

16th October 2009Fascist tactics - The BBC and the BNP.

9th October 2009TORIES SPELL OUT MISERY TO COME reveals stark choice between Labour and the Tories.

2nd October 2009BROWN VERSUS MURDOCH. Who is the real class enemy?

25th September 2009Scrap all Nuclear weapons.

18th September 2009Brown at the TUC. Punishing the poor

11th September 2009TORY HELL IF LABOUR LOSE. Second World War - a war to remember

4th September 2009CLIMATE EMERGENCY SINK OR SWIM! Genetically modified crops.

28th August 2009PALESTINE NO RETURN-NO PEACE. Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi freed.

21st August 2009DOLE, DEBT AND THE DUSTBIN. ABDELBASET Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi

14th August 2009US SECURITY BOSS ACCUSED OF MURDER. British casualties rise in Afghanistan.

7th August 2009CASINO CAPITALISM CONTINUES. Labour and the coming election


24th July 2009BIG BONUSES for bankers are back. Afghanistan.

17th July 2009WAS DR KELLY ASSASSINATED? A sinister game in China

26th June 2009Lindsey strikers step up the fight. Democracy and Iran.

19th June 2009Secret Iraq war inquiry: WHO IS BROWN PROTECTING? Not in My Name. PELTING Nick Griffin in Parliament Square was good street theatre. The BNP vote was a racist vote.

12th June 2009NO FUTURE UNDER THE TORIES. A vote against the European Union.

5th June 2009Vauxhall jobs in danger. No to the European Union.

29th May 2009Korean Nuclear test. Communists call for boycott of EU elections

22nd May 2009The Daily Telegraph's hidden agenda on MPs expenses. MPs' expenses and the fight for greater democracy

15th May 2009Jobless: 2.2 million and rising. Communists speak out on MPs expences.

8th May 2009Arab patience wearing thin. Britain's Communists condemn Gordon Brown

1st May 2009New waves of violence in Iraq. Communists point out flaws in Labour budget

24th April 2009Communists respond to the Brtish governments 2009 budget and condemn police brutality at the London G20 demonstrations.

17th April 2009Arrests at Nottingham power protest. The fall of Damian McBride, the death of Ian Tomlinson. Abolish all prescription charges. DPRK satellite launch.

10th April 2009Police accused over G20 demo death. The capitalist crisis.

3rd April 2009Tinkering with the capitalist system at the G20 won't work. Put people first. British withdrawal from Iraq.

27th March 2009Iraq unite around the brave resistance. Foundation hospitals set up to fail.

20th March 2009Equal pay and rights ditched. Save the Post Office.

9th January 2009Stop the Gaza slaughter.

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