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By our Asian Affairs Correspondent

DEMOCRATIC Korea has kicked out all the UN nuclear inspectors and reactivated its nuclear programme, following a UN Security Council decision to impose more sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Democratic Korea is also pulling out of the long-standing “six-party talks” in Beijing following the unanimous decision of the UN Security Council to condemn the launch of a DPRK satellite, which the Americans claim was a cover for a ballistic missile test.

‘Pre-emptive arrests’ in Nottingham power protest

by Daphne Liddle

MORE THAN 100 people attending a meeting in Nottingham to discuss an environmental protest were arrested in the early hours of Monday morning and charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass and criminal damage.


Smears of a clown - the fall of Damian McBride

THE TORY press had a field day crowing over Gordon Brown’s embarrassment over the McBride affair and hypocritically posing as pillars of righteousness over the Easter break.....

A real scandal - the death of Ian Tomlinson

But the McBride scandal was an added bonus for the ruling class as it enabled them to sweep the Tomlinson affair off the front page just when demands for a public inquiry were peaking. ..

Heeding the doctors - abolish prescription charges

The British Medical Association has brought its weight behind the demand for the abolition of all prescription charges in England. The BMA called for England to follow the example of Wales, Scotland and northern Ireland and scrap prescription charges in a submission to the Department of Health last month.....