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Week commencing 17th April 2009


By our Asian Affairs Correspondent

DEMOCRATIC Korea has kicked out all the UN nuclear inspectors and reactivated its nuclear programme, following a UN Security Council decision to impose more sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Democratic Korea is also pulling out of the long-standing “six-party talks” in Beijing following the unanimous decision of the UN Security Council to condemn the launch of a DPRK satellite, which the Americans claim was a cover for a ballistic missile test.

On Monday the UN Security Council condemned the recent satellite launch claiming it was "in contravention of Security Council resolution 1718" and urged the early resumption of the six-party talks.

In a non-binding statement, the 15-member council said that the DPRK "must comply fully with its obligations" under a previous resolution that blocked Democratic Korean ballistic missile tests and demanded that north Korea "not conduct any further launch”.

Though imperialist demands for even stronger measures had been initially resisted by Russia and People’s China, in the end they went along with the amended final draft.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, a former south Korean diplomat, pompously said the vote had sent “a unified message of the international community" that he hoped would “pave the way for renewed efforts towards the peaceful resolution of all outstanding issues in the region”.

But the provocative UN move has dashed all hopes of that. The six-party talks set up in 2003 to resolve the so-called “nuclear” issue are now dead. The forum that includes America, Japan, Russia, People’s China as well as the two Koreas now has no further purpose.

"There is no need for the six-party nuclear disarmament talks any more," the Foreign Office in Pyongyang declared. "We will never again take part in such talks and will not be bound by any agreement reached at the talks” and the Democratic Koreans have warned of more tough action if further measures are taken against them.

North Korea, which tested an atomic bomb in 2006, will now revive its own independent nuclear industry, continue to develop space technology and strengthen its own nuclear deterrent.

This week the south Korean regime racked up the tension by signing up to the “Proliferation Security Initiative” – a tool of US imperialism designed to sanction the blockade of ports and the seizure of what they consider to be “weapons of mass destruction” on the high seas.

But DPRK Presidium President Kim Yong Nam has warned the Americans and their south Korean lackeys that they would receive "unmerciful punishment" if they provoked another war on the Korean peninsula.

"Grave obstacles are lying in the way of the country's reunification due to the reckless moves of the conservative authorities in America and South Korea for a war of aggression against the DPRK," Kim said.

At UN headquarters in New York, a senior DPRK diplomat told Aljazeera that the UN was practicing double-standards. Pak Tok Hun, the deputy permanent representative of the DPRK to the UN, said that loads of countries had launched satellites in the last few years, including the United States and Japan but this was not dealt with by the Security Council. "Why does the Security Council deal with the issue in the case of my country? This is selectivity, double standards, it's not fair. We cannot accept that” he said.

And this was stressed by the International Liaison Committee for Reunification and Peace in Korea (CILRECO) which has denounced the smear campaign of the United States and its followers over the DPRK's satellite launch.

CILRECO, which is based in Paris, branded their false propaganda as an extremely provocative and reckless action. The United States and the countries toeing its line have perpetrated many crimes like refusing to fulfill their commitments to nuclear disarmament and ignoring Japan’s remilitarisation while attacking the DPRK's satellite launch, it noted.

CILRECO condemned the double standards of the western media in its hysterical attacks on the DPRK over the launch which, they stressed, had entirely conformed to international laws on the use of space.

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