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Union backs whistleblower

THE ROYAL College of Nursing last Friday launched a public petition calling for the reinstatement of RCN member Margaret Haywood, who was struck off after exposing poor patients care on a BBC Panorama programme.

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Unison health section fights back

by Mike Fletcher in Harrogate

DELEGATES at the Unison health section conference have unanimously endorsed a rule change to allow for the expulsion of members of the British National Party on the grounds that membership of an openly racist organisation is incompatible with delivering a fair and equal service to all members of the public in a multi-ethnic society. Conference also endorsed Unison’s continuing campaign against privatisation of public services.

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Co-op’s ‘unethical banking decision’

by Annie O’Gara - Palestine Solidarity Campaign

ON FRIDAY 17th April a group of protesters from Manchester, York and Halifax Palestinian Solidarity groups gathered outside the Co-op headquarters in Balloon Street, Manchester.

They were challenging the fact that the Co-op has decided not to grant banking facilities to Interpal, a Muslim charity the bona fides of which have been verified by the British Charities Commission.

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Alice Mahon quits Labour

FORMER left Labour MP and veteran peace campaigner Alice Mahon this week resigned from the Labour Party after 50 years of membership.

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Union members threatened

MEMBERS of the giant union Unite employed by the car delivery company Autologic have been told to quit their union or face the sack.

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Jack Jones

JACK JONES, the veteran International Brigader, trade union leader and pensioners’ leader died last Tuesday in a care home in south London aged 96.

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CND Cymru’s Easter message of peace - No to Trident!

by Ray Davies

MEMBERS of Caerphilly and Cardiff CND, supported by Côr Cochion, conveyed the traditional Easter message of peace in the streets of Cardiff as they campaigned against the proposed renewal of Trident nuclear missile system. The total cost of Trident is expected to top £70 million.

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NUM 25th anniversary rally

MINERS, former miners, their families and supporters — more than 500 people — filled the Hucknall Leisure centre in Nottingham last Friday evening to mark the 25th anniversary of the end of the national miners’ strike, listening to speeches by Arthur Scargill, Tony Benn and current National Union of Mineworkers president, Ian Lavery.

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Features and International News

The launch of an experimental communications satellite by the DPRK is its sovereign right

Joint Statement of the New Communist Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), 21st April, 2009.

On 5th April — the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) successfully launched an experimental communications satellite, the Kwangmyongsong-2, into orbit by means of carrier rocket Unha-2. The satellite is part of the DPRK’s long-term plan for the development of outer space. Both carrier rocket and satellite were made and developed by the DPRK using only their own resources and technology, in keeping with the guiding philosophy of self-reliance.

Iraq: ‘no security, no freedom’

by our Arab Affairs Correspondent

The Iraqi puppet regime has urged Syria to crack down on exiled Iraqi Baath army officers living in Damascus during talks this week with the Syrian premier in Baghdad. Puppet Iraq premier Nouri al Maliki exchanged compliments with Syrian prime minister Mohammed Naji Al Otari in the “Green Zone”.

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