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by our Asian Affairs correspondent

TENSION is rising on the Korean peninsula following north Korea’s successful nuclear test on Monday. The south Korean puppet regime is threatening to join a new US-led blockade of Democratic Korea and the Americans are planning to deploy two squadrons of F-22 Raptor stealth warplanes in Japan and Guam.

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A slap in the face for imperialism

ANGLO-AMERICAN imperialism and the rest of their pack at the United Nations are wailing at Democratic Korea’s latest nuclear test. None of this would have happened in the first place had the Americans honoured their agreement with the DPR Korea to build light-water reactors as they promised in 1994. None of this would have happened had the imperialists worked sincerely to resolve the nuclear issue and ease tension on the Korean peninsula during the Six-Party talks in Beijing. Instead the imperialists chose to continue to diplomatically and economically isolate north Korea in the hope of bringing down the socialist system of the DPRK.

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Boycott the EU elections

THE FARCICAL European elections take place next week but in Britain hardly anyone knows who their MEPs are or what they do. In fact they do next to nothing apart from draw their colossal wages and expenses for taking part in a charade that is paid for by the workers of Europe.

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