National News

Returned asylum seeker to sue Government

by Daphne Liddle

JOHN BOSCO NYOMBI, who fled Uganda fearing persecution because he is gay, plans to sue the Home Office for forcibly deporting him back to Uganda while his case was still under review.................

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Features and International News

Obama in Wonderland

By our Arab Affairs Correspondent

US President Barack Obama is in the Middle East this week for a whistle-stop tour of Saudi Arabia and Egypt to promote the interests of American imperialism in this crucial oil-rich region. Obama said that the United States was "going to be able to get serious negotiations back on track" between Israel and the Palestinians and said his visit offered the US and the Islamic world the chance "to listen to each other a little bit more"................

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People’s China in perspective

By Eric Trevett

A reply to a letter published in last week's New Worker

WE HAVE published Peter Savage's letter in full and it reflects the position of many in the left of the labour movement but we find it necessary to refute the basic foundations of it. We must also stress that our ideological position is taken independently of any other party and we do not base our analysis on patronage from anyone.

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