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by Daphne Liddle

GROUP of 13 doctors last week challenged the controversial Government version of the circumstances of the death of Dr David Kelly six years ago.

Dr Kelly was the Government weapons inspector who apparently committed suicide after being exposed for giving information to a BBC reporter suggesting that that the government of Tony Blair had “sexed up” intelligence reports to persuade MPs to back the illegal invasion of Iraq that Blair and President George Bush were intent on unleashing.

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A sinister game in China

THE HIDDEN HAND of US intelligence was seen in the attempt to destabilise Iran in the wake of the presidential elections in the Islamic Republic. Now the imperialist lie machine has gone into full swing over the riots in Xinjiang.

All sorts of nonsense is being parroted by the BBC and the American media about Xinjiang, which has been a part of China since 60 BC. They claim that the Uygur people are represented by the largely fictitious “World Uygur Congress” and not the people’s government of the region. We’re told that Xinjiang is being flooded with Chinese immigrants and that mainly Muslim Uygur people are oppressed and clamouring for independence.

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