The New Worker

The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain

Week commencing 17th July 2009

A sinister game in China

THE HIDDEN HAND of US intelligence was seen in the attempt to destabilise Iran in the wake of the presidential elections in the Islamic Republic. Now the imperialist lie machine has gone into full swing over the riots in Xinjiang.

All sorts of nonsense is being parroted by the BBC and the American media about Xinjiang, which has been a part of China since 60 BC. They claim that the Uygur people are represented by the largely fictitious “World Uygur Congress” and not the people’s government of the region. We’re told that Xinjiang is being flooded with Chinese immigrants and that mainly Muslim Uygur people are oppressed and clamouring for independence.

What they don’t say is that separatist groups, connected to imperialism, have been waging a terror campaign against the people’s government of Xinjiang and that they were clearly behind the riots that have so far caused 184 deaths, most of them Han Chinese victims of Uygur racist violence. Thousands more have been injured, hundreds of vehicles burnt, shops looted and other public facilities destroyed in the regional capital, Urumqi. Fortunately the firm action of the Chinese government has restored calm and security to Urumqi and the rest of Xinjiang

The “World Uygur Congress” (WUC) was set up in Munich in 2004 as a coalition of a number of anti-communist émigré groups including the Uygur American Association and the “East Turkestan National Congress”. It was funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, whose main sponsor was US Congress and it is led by Rebiya Kadeer, who likes to be called the “spiritual mother” of the Uygurs.

Others have a different opinion. Ismail Amat, the former chair of the Xinjiang regional government, called her the “scum” of the Uygur community last weekend. The “spiritual mother” has a revealing past. Though of alleged humble origins she started off as a petty exploiter, denounced during the Cultural Revolution and then rising to riches during the reforms of Deng Xiaoping. In the early 1990s she was worth millions, running businesses in China, Russia and Kazakhstan and was named by Forbes magazine in 1995 as the eighth richest in People’s China.

Her introduction to open subversion came through her second husband Sidik Rouzi, who fled to America in 1996 where he works for “Radio Free Asia”, an American propaganda station set up by the CIA in 1950 to broadcast lies to the people’s republics of Asia. And her downfall came when she was arrested and jailed in 1999 on charges of harming national security and leaking state secrets. She left for the United States shortly after she was released on medical grounds in 2005. Kadeer has met former United States President George Bush in June 2007 and British Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials in October the same year.

There is no doubt that the riots were plotted by Uygur separatists outside the country to split the unity of different ethnic groups in the region. The ring-leaders were attempting to provoke ethnic violence between the Uygur and the Han Chinese as part of their campaign for “independence”. The real agenda, which the Tibetan Dalai Lama clique also serves, is to break-up China and establish weak client successor states for plunder by imperialism and the big corporations. US President Barack Obama can strut around the world posing as the humane face of capitalism for all he likes but behind the scenes it’s business as usual for American imperialism.