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by Daphne Liddle

BIG BONUSES for bankers are back – if they ever really went away – and in spite of multi-billion-pound taxpayer bail-outs for many banks last year, meaning that the Government now effectively owns several large banks, there is very little our elected government – or any other – can do about it.

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THE PRESS has lately been full of mournful stories concerning the mounting death toll among young soldiers serving in Afghanistan. And this is being used by sections of the ruling class, through the newspapers and television channels that they own, to demand that more and more troops, helicopters and other equipment are poured into this unfolding tragedy. It would only increase the death toll on both sides.

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Cameron and the Bank of Englandn

ANOTHER BENEFIT the war in Afghanistan brings to western imperialism is that the endless attention to it provides a diversion from the economic situation at home. None of the leaders of western political parties understand their own economic system and sometimes their proposals are laughable.

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