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by Daphne Liddle

120,000 postal workers are on strike in a momentous dispute to prevent the Royal Mail being reduced and restructured to a privatised marginal wing of a European Union-wide postal service.

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Support the postal workers

The CWU is fighting to defend its members pay and jobs and preserve the Royal Mail as a public service. They must be supported.

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One law for one?

And another for MPs, or at least those bleating at new demands from the Legg Committee to disgorge more of their loot by imposing retrospective limits on past expenses claims. If media reports are to be believed some Labour MPs are threatening to sue their own party or stand down now to provoke a wave of by-election disasters if the Brown government doesn’t back off.

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And as for Blair

Who on earth wants Tony Blair to become the first European president under the Lisbon Treaty rules?

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