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Punishing the public sector

by Daphne Liddle

CHANCELLOR Alistair Darling’s pre-budget speech presented to the House of Commons last Wednesday failed to do anything much — except threaten to make serious cuts in public sector pay, jobs and pensions.

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Imperialism and the slump of 2009

Andy Brooks, NCP General Secretary, moves the Main Resolution at the 16th National Congress

We meet again at a time of intensifying struggle in Britain and across the globe. We meet while the British ruling class and the bourgeoisie throughout the capitalist world are struggling to recover from the greatest slump since 1929.

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Changing the political climate

THE WORLD’S leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to try to work out a global deal to start reducing the emissions that are causing global warming. Last week Prime Minister Gordon Brown described climate change sceptics as “flat-earthers”, out of touch with reality. He urges us all to do our bit by changing light bulbs, turning the heating down and so on.

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I have of late lost all my joy

The Government has just noticed that the country is in the midst of an epidemic of stress and depression — leading to time off work and costing the bosses money.

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