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Miliband V. Justice

by Daphne Liddle

THE BATTLE between the Government and senior judges over evidence of British intelligence services’ collusion in torture reached a new level last week as Foreign Secretary David Miliband accused two senior judges of irresponsibility for ruling that information deemed “sensitive” must be disclosed.

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NCP 16th Congress

Forward with the communists!

by New Worker correspondent

LONDON’S historic Marx House in Clerkenwell was once again the venue for the NCP’s triennial congress on the first weekend in December. After welcoming delegates and fraternal observers to the 16th Congress chairperson Alex Kempshall handed over to NCP President Eric Trevett to open proceedings with a summary of the current political situation and the dangers arising from the current recession of cuts in jobs and services.

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Christmas: its all very well for the rich

CHRISTMAS comes but once a year, we are endlessly told by our rulers to encourage us to make the most of a welcome break from a year of work, for those of us who still have a job, and to make the most of it for those struggling to survive on our miserable benefits regime in the midst of the worst slump since 1929.

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