National News

Midlands TIC condemns fascist riot in Stoke

THE MIDLANDS TUC last Saturday issued a strong condemnation of the English Defence league before it held a riotous rally, in which police arrested and charged three EDF members with racially aggravated crimes.

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Sacked for trade union activity

THE COMMUNITY union (formerly the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation) is fighting for the reinstatement of three trade union activists sacked from the Corus Strip Products steel plant in Llanwern, South Wales, and has launched a petition to support them.

The three Community union reps - Mark Hill, Kevin Mulhall and Gary Stewart were all unfairly selected for redundancy because of their trade union activity.

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Photographers protest at terror law abuse

by Caroline Colebrook

SEVERAL thousand photographers amateur and professional - assembled in Trafalgar Square last Saturday to protest at the continuing police use of anti-terrorist laws to stop and arrest just about anyone using a camera in a public place.

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Colchester against the war

by New Worker correspondent

MEMBERS and supporters of the Stop the War campaign met at Friends Meeting House in Colchester last weekend.

Joe Glenton, the young soldier facing trial for refusing to fight in Afghanistan, was unable to attend for legal reasons. He was charged on 23rd January and his Court Martial will begin on 29th January.

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Work until we drop?

THE Equality and Human Rights Commission has stepped up its campaign for the retirement age to be scrapped - allowing people to continue working for as long as they want.

But the National Pensioners' Convention is concerned that many of those who claim they want to continue working admit the reason is that they cannot afford to retire because pension levels are too low.

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Double-dip recession?

THE TUC last week warned that the threat of a double-dip recession looms large.

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Prioritise housing!

A MEETING called last week by the giant union Unite urged MPs and councillors to make housing a key election priority.

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Young, black and out of work

FORTY-EIGHT per cent of young black people between the ages of 16 and 24 are unemployed, according to figures released by the Institute for Public Policy Research.

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Don’t ‘delete’ our pay and pensions

MEMBERS and representative of the giant union Unite from key Fujitsu sites around Britain attended a parliamentary lobby on Wednesday, 27th January to highlight their jobs, pay and pensions’ plight to MPs.

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Government dodges Mau Mau liabilities

THE GOVERNMENT is trying to use and obscure legal principle to dodge claims for compensation from veterans of the anti-colonial struggle in Kenya who say they were tortured by the British authorities there between 1952 and 1960.

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Cornwall to cut 1,000 jobs?

AROUND 1,000 workers employed by Cornwall County Council could lose their jobs over the next four years after councillors voted last Monday to endorse £100 million spending cuts — around 20 per cent of the whole budget.

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University funding cuts

EDUCATION Minister David Lammy last week warned universities to expect years of reduced funding. In an article for the Policy Review magazine, Lammy said universities should be looking for their own sources of income.

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International News

Haiti: the new US military Base

The United States government is making full opportunistic use of the tragedy caused by the earthquake in Haiti. The White House forced the Haitian government to agree to fill their country with US Marines and troops of the 82nd Airborne Division, in an operation which has nothing to do with humanitarian assistance but with military occupation.

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Don't become a tool of hegemony, Google!

By He Jiazheng President of People's Daily Online

THE GOOGLE-China dispute shows a strategic shift in the position of the United Sates. In the past the United States maintained its global hegemony by relying on the use of force. Now its national strength has been dramatically undermined by the global financial crisis and a couple of “anti-terrorism" wars it has engaged in.

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Stepped up solidarity with the Miami Five

Radio Havana Cuba

ALTHOUGH many actions took place in 2009 to support the international demand for the immediate release if the Five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in the United States since 1998, activists are planning to step up efforts during 2010.

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Behind Haiti's extreme poverty

France and the US looted first Black republic

by Abayomi Azikiwe Editor, Pan-African News Wire

A DEVASTATING earthquake struck Haiti on 12th January, leaving millions homeless and without food, shelter, clothing, medicines and water.

Various estimates indicate that anywhere between 100,000 and 500,000 people may have died as a result of the quake. An accurate assessment may take months to document. Messages of condolence, support and solidarity have poured into Haiti from throughout the world.

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Bombs shatter central Baghdad

by our Arab Affairs Correspondent

BOMBS shattered the Iraqi Capital this week in a wave of partisan attacks at the beginning of the week following the execution of Ali Hassan al Majid, a leading Baathist in the ousted Saddam government, who was captured in August 2003.

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All for sale

the anti-crisis programme of the Government of Russia

by Denis Mironov

THE RUSSIAN government has published its anti-crisis measures for 2010 on its official website but apart from a few news briefs the programme has largely been ignored by the mass media in Russia. In the cities the number of people who have access to online computers is only 22 per cent. Throughout the country as a whole no more than seven per cent are on the internet. At best this plan will be known only to one in five of the population.

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Another scandal for Sara Netanyahu

by David Harris

in Jerusalem

THE LAST time Benjamin Netanyahu was Israel’s prime minister in the 1990s, his premiership was dogged by allegations concerning his wife’s behaviour. Now, Sara Netanyahu replaces the Haiti tragedy as the country’s top news story.

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