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by Daphne Liddle

ALASTAIR DARLING arrived at the House of Commons on Wednesday 24th March 2010 to deliver his third and probably final budget, sweeping past picket lines of striking civil servants. He had promised there would be no startling changes or big pre-election give-aways in his third, and possible last, Budget speech and kept his word.

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Kick them out the Blairite MPs

INFLUENCE peddling or using one’s political connections to obtain favours for others in return for similar favours or money may not be illegal but it is generally regarded by the public as little short of bribery.

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Support the BA cabin crews

BA CABIN CREWS walked out last weekend in a protest strike that grounded most of the airline’s operations over the past three days. The strike was inevitable after BA management tabled proposals worse than those offered at the previous round of negotiations. A further four-day stoppage is set for the end of the month unless management responds positively to the union’s call for realistic negotiations on job cuts and pay.

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