The New Worker

The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain

Week commencing 7th May 2010

We won’t pay their bill!

WE’VE HAD weeks of promises and talk of “change” but one thing is certain. Now that the general election is over working people will be expected to pay for the economic crisis we’re in, along with the rest of the capitalist world. While billions have been spent to bail out the banks, workers are told to work longer hours, have their pensions cut and their social services reduced — all to ensure that the ruling class can carry on living in ease and luxury for the rest of their lives.

Of course someone has to pay for the bailouts though none of them dare say why it has to be us, though they had plenty to shout about when the Brown government increased income tax to 50 per cent for high earners.

In the past working people were blamed for their own misfortune. We were told that slumps were due to the “extortionate” wage claims of “greedy workers” and their unions that somehow made British industry uncompetitive and unprofitable on the world market. None of them dare say this now because it is so blatantly untrue. So we’re simply told that we’ve all got to tighten our belts and grin and bear it for the common good of the country until we’re out of recession. This, the bourgeoisie say, is the only way out of the crisis. Well it is — for them.

Bourgeois economists and the media pundits who extol their theories claim that capitalism is the only game in town. Indeed it is — but only for them because it is an economic system based on the exploitation of the people who produce the entire wealth of world for the benefit of the tiny minority of parasites who rule most of it.

They dismiss socialism as inefficient and wasteful while ignoring the fact that the remaining socialist countries in the world have been largely immune from the current capitalist crisis.

According to current bourgeois dogma human beings are by nature greedy and competitive and that capitalism conforms to basic human instincts. That’s another lie because it only applies to themselves.

They say that socialism is undemocratic. They claim that bourgeois democracy is the highest form of government. But it is blindingly obvious that it is nothing of the kind.

Working people haven’t voted or agreed to have their pensions cut, their retirement dates extended or their health and social services reduced. None of us have been asked whether it would be better to pull out of Afghanistan and scrap Trident rather than cut hospitals, education and state welfare and the people of Greece have not agreed to the massive attack on their living standards to meet the demands of Franco-German imperialism and the International Monetary Fund.

At this moment millions of Greek workers are taking to the streets to stop the draconian austerity plan that the European Union seeks to impose on them to pay for the euro-loan bailout. There’s two ways out of the crisis — the way of the rich or the socialist alternative. The Greek workers and their militant unions say the rich should pay for their own crisis. That’s what we must do as well.