National News

Boris renationalises Tube

TORY Mayor of London Boris Johnson last week accomplished one of the main goals of his predecessor, Ken Livingstone, when he renationalised the London Underground.

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London police still stopping photographers

PROFESSIONAL photographer Grant Smith, renowned for his work on architecture, was stopped and searched by police last week for taking pictures of the London skyline and subjected to a search under anti-terrorism laws — six months after a similar incident in which he was prevented from taking pictures on a London church.

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International News

Russia call for peace in Syria

By our Arab Affairs correspondent

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has called for greater American involvement to end the Middle East conflict during top level talks in Damascus this week. Speaking in the Syrian capital the Russian leader said: "In essence, the Middle East peace process has deteriorated...the situation is very, very bad. It’s time to do something”.

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Jerusalem people cast pessimism on proximity talks

By Gur Salomon and Geng Xuepeng in Jerusalem

"TELL ME, what in hell are proximity talks?" shrugs a T-shirt shop owner in Jerusalem's Old City souk, "Peace has gone on vacation. You'll find it walking between Jerusalem and Ramallah."

As the Israeli-Palestinian proximity peace talks have been underway since Chief Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat announced the start of the talks on Sunday, the people of Jerusalem — Jews and Arabs alike — say that peace has never been as unreachable as it is today.

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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Catastrophe Gets Worse

Radio Havana Cuba

THE BRITISH PETROLEUM oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is facing another setback after the first attempt to cut off the oil leak failed.

This last-minute change is wreaking havoc with the cleaning schedule, while stirring up burning debates regarding enterprises and government responsibilities that has turned this accident into an unpredictable ecological catastrophe.

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Millions of European Workers in Poverty

Prensa Latina

THE EUROPEAN Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) estimated on Monday that 19 million workers live in poverty in Europe.

Calculations by the ETUC, which is holding sessions in Barcelona on that issue and Catalonian unionism, revealed that the people at risk of social exclusion in Europe exceed 80 million.

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Communists, advance!

by GA Zyuganov,

Chair of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

THE SIXTY-FIFTH anniversary of our Victory in the Great Patriotic War is not just an outstanding date, a remarkable anniversary. This is the historic feat of the socialist state — the USSR. The feat of Soviet people educated and united by the Communist Party. The people, for whom the notion of "Soviet" has merged with the notion of "Homeland", close and dear to the peoples inhabiting the Soviet Union. The peoples, who gave the front and the behind-the-lines labour support all their forces, their best sons and daughters. The peoples who were ready to lay down their lives for the socialist ideals and the system that first appeared in history in October 1917. The system that gave the world an unprecedented example of a just and humane state structure.

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“Hands off Russia!”

by Rob Gowland

RECENTLY, in the lead-up to Anzac Day, a television ad caught my attention: it was promoting the “unknown story of our heroes who took part in the Russian Civil War”.

“Unknown” my foot! The ruling class does not like to remind the workers of its failures. It prefers to keep quiet about the times when the people rebuffed it.

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