The New Worker

The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain

Week commencing 28th May 2010

Peoples of Europe rise up!

GREEK workers have taken to the streets in Athens to lead the resistance to the draconian measures that the Greek government seeks to impose to make working people pay for the capitalist crisis.

The Greek ruling class, backed by the venal class collaborators in the government and parts of the trade union movement, are hoping that the protests will run out of steam and that the people will eventually accept colossal cuts in their wages and living standards to pay for the EU and IMF bail-out loans. But if that doesn’t work the mailed fist will come out.

The real purposed of long-standing anti-communist campaign throughout the European Union has always been to impose the bourgeois consensus and disarm the workers. Now there’s talk in Athens of “upholding the constitution” which is code for suppressing the militant unions and the communist movement.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Communist Party of Greece and the militant workers’ front PAME in their struggle to defeat the new bourgeois offensive that has started in Greece but will soon spread throughout the European Union.

Capitalism cannot solve the problems of the world economy. It only exists to serve the handful of landowners and exploiters who live off the backs of workers in the factories and on the land who produce all the wealth of the world but get only a pittance in return. The alternative to the capitalist crisis is socialism and this demand must be made throughout Europe in the struggle to defeat the plans of the ruling circles of the European Union.

Storm clouds over Korea

As the capitalist world plunges deeper into crisis the south Korean puppet regime is once again spewing anti-communist hysteria in an attempt to divert their long-suffering people away from their current economic woes.

While there is no doubt that the south Korean gunboat Cheonan sank during a joint exercise with the American navy in March, there is no evidence whatsoever that the explosion was due to a north Korean torpedo attack. In fact considerable doubt has been cast, even in south Korea, on the bogus conclusions of the official enquiry that pins the blame on the DPR Korea. Democratic Korea has responded by calling on the south Korean regime to allow a northern inspection team to review the evidence amassed about the sinking of the corvette.

That hasn’t stopped the Americans from endorsing a barrage of lies and smears and ludicrously demanding an “apology” from the DPRK or the south Korean lackeys from threatening to freeze all north-south co-operation and taking the issue to the UN Security Council to demand more economic sanctions against the north.

Reactionary south Korean puppet politicians may have their own anti-communist agenda but their script is plainly written in Washington. US imperialism seeks to retain its economic domination of north-east Asia by propping up venal client regimes backed by the US navy, a nuclear arsenal and a ring of military bases that stretches across the Pacific to the western shores of the United States.

The US imperialists know they cannot bring Democratic Korea to its knees by force of arms so they are turning to the old Cold War strategy of psychological warfare to try to destabilise the north and prop up its willing tools in the south of the Korean peninsula.

It won’t work because working people have closed ranks around their leader Kim Jong Il, the Workers’ Party of Korea and the people’s government that has made the DPRK a model socialist society.

Democratic Korea has worked tirelessly over the years for the peaceful reunification of Korea but every reasonable proposal has been rejected by the Americans and their southern pawns. But the danger of a new Korean conflict continues and will continue as long as the cruel partition remains and the country remains divided.