National News

BA ‘would rather sue than settle’

ON SUNDAY British Airways cabin crews began their 13th day of strike in their long running dispute over an attempt by the company to tear up previous agreements and impose new terms and conditions — and which is now seeking to punish those who took strike action in March with the withdrawal of staff travel perks.

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Anti-fascists protest as EDL marches in Newcastle

THE EXTREME right-wing anti-Islamist English Defence League last weekend organised a march through Newcastle-upon-Tyne that involved between 1,500 and 2,000 supporters.

But it was challenged by an anti-fascist demonstration of similar size organised by Unite Against Fascism. Police succeeded in keeping the two marches apart and there were no arrests.

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Still fighting after 40 years

ON THE 40th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, the public sector union Unison, with more than a million women members, is calling for action from employers and the Government to give women the equal pay and fair treatment they deserve.

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NUT denounces BNP teacher

THE GENERAL Teaching Council last week cleared Adam Walker, a member of the fascist British National Party who posted comments online using a school laptop describing immigrants as “savage animals” and “filth” while working as a teacher, of racial and religious intolerance.

The National Union of Teachers had other views; commenting on the verdict, NUT general secretary Christine Blower said: “Given what we know of the evidence in the public domain, the outcome of the findings of the GTC is perverse.

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Tories encourage profit-making schools

CONSERVATIVE Education Secretary Michael Gove last week declared that he had “no ideological objections” to businesses trying to make profits from the new generation of state-funded academy schools.

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Ken to run for mayor again

KEN LIVINGSTONE last week announced his bid to be chosen as Labour candidate in the 2012 London mayoral election.

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by Theo Russell

HUNDREDS of people packed the Bolivar Hall in central London last week for an event organised by Trade Union Friends of Vietnam and the Vietnamese Embassy to mark the 35th anniversary of the defeat of American imperialism in the Vietnam war.

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International News

Resistance grows to racist Arizona law

by Paul Teitelbaum in Tucson

THOUSANDS of people marched through Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, last Saturday demanding the repeal of SB 1070, Arizona’s “Show me your papers” law, and an end to racist immigrant-bashing and the blaming of immigrants for economic and social problems which in reality result from the capitalist economic crisis.

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Death of Al Qaeda leader has little impact in Pakistan

by Imdad Hussain in Islamabad

THE DEATH of Al Qaeda’s Number Three is certainly a setback to the organisation itself but it has little influence on the militancy in Pakistan and the region. Al Qaeda announced on Monday that one of its top leaders, Mustafa Abu Yazid, had been killed along with many members of his family. Yazid is believed to have been killed in a US drone missile attack in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal area on 21st May.

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BP makes millions from oil spill disaster

by Elsy Fors Garzon

IN THE 39 days since BP’s offshore oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, crude oil has been haemorrhaging into ocean waters and wreaking havoc in the region’s ecosystem, says Daniela Perdomo, staff writer and editor of US AlterNet newsletter.

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Celebrating Vietnam!

It’s on! Media slur campaign against South Africa

by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

LADIES and Gentlemen, it has started! The international media onslaught against South Africa has begun a full two weeks ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2010. The Daily Mail leads with a story about how the Columbian national team was robbed ahead of the World Cup, while SKY News is poking around looking for dirt.

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Lebanon 10 years after the Israeli withdrawal

by Mohamad Ali Harissi

TEN YEARS have passed since Israel withdrew from south Lebanon, but the tension is still tense on both sides of the border, raising regional and international concerns about a new conflict between the two countries.

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European debt crisis sparks new attacks on public sector

by Emma Clancy

THE BRITISH Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition has announced that it will immediately make £6 billion in public spending cuts this year in order to begin reducing the state’s £163 billion deficit. The coalition will reveal an emergency budget on June 22nd, with further cuts to be implemented this autumn.

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Endangered biodiversity, endangered people

by Sara Eyckmans

A MASSIVELY subsidised European Union fishing fleet has resulted in hopelessly overfished European seas. Although the European Commission is working towards more sustainable fisheries practices, the increasing emphasis on fishing outside EU waters has brought to the fore concerns about operations under the EU’s significant network of bilateral Fisheries Partnership Agreements (FPA).

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