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by Daphne Liddle

THE COALITION government last Tuesday launched a fresh assault on the principle of universal benefits. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, standing in for David Cameron who is on holiday, said that the Treasury is reviewing what it spends on welfare for the middle classes — such as child benefit, tax credits, winter fuel allowances and free bus passes for the elderly.

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100 days and 1,000 cuts

THE TORY-led coalition’s 100 days has sparked off the usual platitudes in the bourgeois media about the success of the Cameron/Clegg combine in getting a Tory/Liberal Democrat consensus for a savage attack on working people, not seen since the Thatcher era and the dark days of the 1930s.

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The shade of Dr Kelly

THE GHOST of Dr Kelly stalks Parliament as demands grow for an inquest into the mysterious death in 2003 of the man at the heart of the “dodgy dossier” scandal. A group of prominent experts have now joined a number of politicians, including Labour’s Diane Abbott and former Tory leader Michael Howard, in demanding a full inquest into the death of the biological weapons expert in July 2003.

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