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by Daphne Liddle

The voting record of Diane Abbott and some of her policy positions makes her the only candidate with a left track-record in the Labour leadership election. Indeed all the other candidates were New Labour Cabinet Ministers who never dissented when in office from the policies that alienated Labour supporters.

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‘Two states for two nations’?

by our Arab Affairs Correspondent

PALESTINIAN-Israeli peace talks begin this week amid growing tension in the occupied West Bank following the killing of four Zionist settlers by Hamas guerrillas and an inflammatory sermon from a senior Israeli rabbi calling for Palestinians to be destroyed by a divine plague.

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Slam the door on fascism!

Though the last election burst the BNP bubble there’s no shortage of others ready to step into their shoes. The English Defence League (EDL) has become the focus over the past year for a motley crew of football hooligans, racists and neo-nazis bent on fomenting trouble amongst the Muslim communities in Britain.

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