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by our European Affairs Correspondent

SOME 100,000 people downed tools and took to the streets of Brussels on Wednesday 29th September to protest against harsh economic measures that are having a disastrous effect on working people across Europe.

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Dangers of Miliband delusions

by Daphne Liddle

ED MILIBAND’S first speech to the Labour party conference in Manchester was a work of art, full of careful wording that would allow socialists to get the message that he was one of them while at the same time reassuring the ruling class that there would be no real challenges to them under his watch.

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Labour’s new leader

ED MILIBAND’S election as Labour leader and Ken Livingstone’s sweeping victory in the NEC poll and the London mayoral nomination race mark a clear defeat for what’s left of the Blairites in the party but it’s by no means the end of what they proudly called “New Labour”.

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