National News

Unseen and unsafe?

NEARLY half (49 per cent) of all workplaces in Britain have never undergone a health and safety inspection, according to a TUC report released last Wednesday.

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Tories seek to cut London fire service

DURING the recent Fire Brigades Union strikes in London the fire service withdrew 27 fire engines from service and hid them away for use by the strike-breaking company AssetCo during the strikes.

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Third tube strike brings bosses to the table

ELEVEN THOUSAND London Underground workers walked out on strike last Wednesday 3rd November for 24 hours in their fight against job cuts that threaten passenger safety.

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Students and teachers protest at fee rise

THOUSANDS of students and lecturers marched through London on Wednesday 10th November in protest at Con-Dem plans to raise university tuition fees in England to £9,000 a year.

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Trains to be more packed

THE PUBLIC Accounts Committee of the House of Commons last week warned that overcrowding on trains will get substantially worse over the next four years, even though ticket prices are rising.

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NUJ strike may hit BBC over Christmas

THE NATIONAL Union of Journalists staged a successful 48-hour strike by its 4,100 members working for the BBC last weekend. But Mark Thompson, the BBC director general, refused pointed blank to engage in discussions with the union over imposed changes to workers’ pensions.

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Vietnamese art comes to London

by New Worker correspondent

MODERN Vietnamese art is seldom seen in Britain so it was a pleasant surprise to see works from contemporary Vietnamese painters in a London gallery this week. But though the technique may be modern the theme of this exhibition, Spirit World, was largely traditional.

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International News

Cyprus threatens to close British military bases

Xinhua news agency

CYPRUS warned Britain on Tuesday that its military bases on the island would be abolished if Britain supports and brings about a permanent partition of its former colony.

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Western Sahara is up in flames

Radio Havana Cuba

WITH THE complicity and cowardly silence of the European Union, which refused to condemn the events, Morocco has launched a bloody offensive against the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, that began on Monday with the destruction of the Izik Gdaim protest camp and continued at night with arbitrary arrests, raids and house lootings in the city of Aaiúm.

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Benin is drowning

by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

ONE MILLION people (11 per cent of the population) are seriously affected by the worst flooding this West African country has experienced in the last century. Yet where is this story? Are we to be led to believe that the corporate media have decided: “It’s Africa, sweep it under the table and hope it will go away”? Prepare for some horrific reading.

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Huge road and rail boost in China

by Wang Xiaotian

CHINA WILL set up an 85,000-km national motorway network and a 40,000-km high-speed railway network during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), said a leading official from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

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US in the dock over human rights

Radio Havana Cuba

THE UNITED States was accused of human rights violations last week, ranging from racial discrimination to prison overcrowding and abuses by its troops, as friends and foes lined up to reprimand Washington at a United Nations forum; the US has pledged to be an equal member of rather than shun, as past administrations did.

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Sinn Féin: the way forward for Ireland’s recovery

Sinn Féin news

SINN Féin President Gerry Adams launched the party’s budget proposals in Dublin last week which, he said, provided “a better, fairer way to deliver economic recovery” from the dire economic crisis facing the southern economy.

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Haiti: Cholera, misery and the fightback

by G Dunkel

EVER SINCE it took over the occupation of Haiti from a US, French and Canadian coalition in June 2004, the United Nations has spent billions of dollars on repressing the Haitian people. The UN has not addressed the huge, pressing needs of the Haitian people, basic needs like jobs, education and health care.

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Katyn: the falsification of Soviet history has to stop!

by Gennady Zyuganov

Chair of the Central Committee

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

THE FALSIFICATION of the history of the Soviet period has become one of the main instruments of the ideological warfare constantly waged against the peoples of Russia by unfriendly foreign and internal forces. We see quite open attempts to revise the results of the Second World War and the Soviet Union’s role in the victory over Nazi Germany and its satellites.

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People’s China: time for the nation to think like a mature power

by Wang Haiyun

THIS YEAR the United States has significantly increased and intensified its attempts to curb the rise of China. It has caused trouble for China over issues such as arms sales to Taiwan, the yuan exchange rate, the South China Sea disputes and trade issues. It has stirred up anti-China sentiments among neighbouring countries and attempted to implement strategic containment against China.

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