Are we happy?

Prime Minister David Cameron has set out to waste millions of pounds on a survey into whether the people of Britain are happy or not.

There are a lot of easier and cheaper ways of telling him that his government is the main reason we are not happy and the best thing he could do to raise our spirits is to go and never come back.

But this silly exercise is all part of a long-term ruling class agenda to convince workers that if they are not happy it is not because they have no jobs, no money, deep debts and are in danger of losing their homes but because they have the wrong attitude to life. Psychologists tell depressed workers they must stop thinking negative thoughts, make themselves more submissive and more humble to the bosses and then they will get a job and after working long hours for a pittance they’ll be too tired to have any thoughts and everything will be fine.

This does not create jobs and trying to get a non-existent job in this way is a path to worse depression and misery.

We must communicate with workers who are isolated and depressed and tell them they are not alone; it is not their fault there are no jobs but the fault of the capitalist system. And there is nothing that will restore their spirits better than being part of the fight to get rid of that evil system; when they see the light of fear in the eyes of Cameron and all the other ruling class parasites at the sight of the massed, angry, mobilised and organised workers they will feel much better.

And when this rotten system is finally overthrown — as it will be — we will all be happy.