Bread and circuses

IN DAYS of old the masses could be diverted by chariot races and religious festivals. Now that we have moved on from matched pairs in the arena we have to make do with royal weddings. So it’s not surprising to read that they were banging on the table at Tory Party HQ when the news broke that Prince William’s long expected marriage will take place some time next year.

The ruling class clearly hope that the media-hype will take people’s minds off the unemployment, homelessness and poverty caused by the ongoing economic crisis that’s been aggravated by an austerity programme designed to privatise what’s left of the public sector and the welfare state.

The sickening spectacle of the great and the good pretending to be “delighted” and “excited” at the forthcoming nuptials is matched only by the mindless drivel in the bourgeois media about the “happy couple” that will continue unabated until the ceremony in Westminster Abbey takes place.

The only difference with the past is that the Roman Emperors had to pay for the Games themselves and feudal lords parted with some of their treasure to ensure that the fountains flowed with wine and that the poor had cake when any of their offspring were married. Under capitalism we’re expected to pay for it all ourselves in the taxes that ensure that the entire Royal Family live their lives of splendour and ease as well as forking out for the trinkets and souvenirs being run off for the wedding.