Full support for DPR Korea!

by our Asian Affairs correspondent

DEMOCRATIC Korea has responded to south Korean artillery fire by shelling a puppet marine base in the most serious border clash since the end of the Korean War.

Puppet south Korean dictator Lee Myung Bak met his military chiefs in an underground bunker in the southern capital, Seoul, and ordered his air force to strike northern missile bases if there were any “further provocations” as shares tumbled in south Korea and many other western markets, amid fears of a widening conflict.

The official north Korean news agency said in a brief statement that the south had started the fight last Tuesday when their forces “recklessly fired into our maritime territory”.

The fighting comes at a time when US imperialism and the south Korean puppet regime are conducting a major military exercise involving more than 70,000 troops, 50 warships and 500 planes.


The south Korean military had been carrying out an exercise near Yeonpyeong island in the West Sea just 12 km off the coast of the DPR Korea when their troops opened fired into northern waters, which the puppet regime has long tried to encroach.

The Korean People’s Army (KPA) responded by shelling the south Korean military base on the island killing two south Korean marines and wounding 16 more.


The military exercise had been sharply criticised by Pyongyang as “simulating an invasion of the North” and “a means to provoke a war”. And the KPA High Command has warned: “Should the south Korean puppet group dare intrude into the territorial waters of the DPRK even 0.001 mm, the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK will unhesitatingly continue taking merciless military counter-actions against it.”

South Korean puppet

Deputy Minister of Defence, Lee Yong Geul has now acknowledged that artillery units from a battery on the south Korean island of Paeknyeongdo were firing test shots close to the north Korean coast. But he denies that the shots crossed the disputed maritime border with the DPR Korea.

People’s China and UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon have called on both sides to show restraint but back in Washington White House press secretary Robert Gibbs called on Democratic Korea to halt what he called “its belligerent action,” adding that the United States was “firmly committed” to South Korea’s defence.