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by Caroline Colebrook

THE FOURTH 24-hour strike by London Underground workers, in the long-running dispute over 800 threatened station staff job cuts, was the strongest yet, according to union reports.

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Iran slams Mossad for scientist killing

by our Middle East Affairs correspondent

THE IRANIAN government has accused Israeli and Western intelligence of being behind terror attacks in Tehran that killed one Iranian nuclear scientist dead and injured another in co-ordinated attacks this week. The Zionists have once again targeted Iran’s scientific progress by shedding the blood of a university professor, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared, but it would not stop the Islamic Republic from pursuing its nuclear energy programme.

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The worker and the machine

by Eric Trevett

THE MAIN factors in the economy of class divided and exploitative societies are first the labour power of the slave in slave society, the peasant in feudal society and the worker in capitalist society. The second main feature is the process of production and the instruments and tools that are available and the personnel able to use them.

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THE ENGLISH Defence League (EDL) has been rampaging again last weekend in Preston and Nuneaton. The anti-fascist magazine Searchlight has been warning of the dangers of this and is campaigning to get the police and Home Office to take seriously the threat posed by the EDL as a far-right, racist and neo-fascist organisation.

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