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by Caroline Colebrooke

STUDENT protest marches in London last Thursday ended in scenes of shocking police violence after the Commons vote to raise the maximum limit of university tuition fees to £9,000-a-year.

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EU ready to recognise Palestine state

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THE EUROPEAN Union is now prepared to recognise a Palestinian state in the wake of a groundswell of international support for the Palestinians. In a statement issued on Monday, the EU Foreign Affairs Council said it “reiterates its readiness, when appropriate, to recognise a Palestinian state” and that such a state should be “contiguous and viable”.

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What are communists for?

by Daphne Liddle

THE SIGHT of thousands of angry students on the march through towns and cities throughout England has cheered the older generation of campaigners no end. And so has the emergence of unknown numbers of mostly anonymous cyber warriors inflicting real damage on the powers of western imperialism and oppression through massive revelations of Wikileaks.

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Cyber anarchy

JULIAN ASSANGE is in jail on remand but the Wikileaks organisation is still pumping out more and more leaks of information on the internal workings of global capitalism and its venal power struggles.

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