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by Daphne Liddle

CAMPAIGNS against the cuts are springing up all around the country and the TUC website is full of links to a growing surge of activity involving trade unions, student groups, community groups and many others.

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New Year — new struggle

IF NOTHING else the VAT increase brings home part of the price working people are going to pay to maintain the living standards of the ruling class throughout the current slump. And this is only the beginning. The Tory-led coalition is set on massive cuts in welfare, health, education and what’s left of the public sector in its drive to put the entire burden on the backs of the working class.

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The struggle for peace

The anti-war movement played a major role in the campaign to get British troops out of Iraq. This year we need to focus on the demand for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all British troops from Afghanistan and keep up the fight for the scrapping of Trident and the so-called “independent” nuclear deterrent.

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