National News

CWU takes mail demo to Cameron

HUNDREDS of Royal Mail workers, members of several trade unions, students and local resident assembled in Witney, in Oxfordshire, the constituency of Prime Minister David Cameron, last Sunday to protest at plans to sell off the Royal Mail

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Unite to oppose job cuts at Hull city council

THE GIANT union Unite last week declared its intention to oppose compulsory job cuts as a result of Hull city council’s decision to make 1,400 redundancies.

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MPs defend threatened quangos

THE HOUSE of Commons Public Administration Committee last week described Government plans to abolish nearly 200 quangos, following a stinging parliamentary report which branded the proposals as “botched”.

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All London firefighters face the sack!

THE TORY-controlled London Fire Authority is to meet this Thursday at an emergency meeting to vote to sack all 5,500 London firefighters and force them to re-apply for their jobs on new terms that will radically change shift patterns.

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Unions fight Birmingham Council pay cuts

THREE MAJOR unions, Unite, GMB and Ucatt, are locked in a bitter battle with Birmingham City Council over changes to the wages structure that will see refuse collectors losing up to £4,000 a year.

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Newsquest journalists strike

MEMBERS of the National Union of Journalists employed by Newsquest at Southampton, Brighton and Darlington have been on strike last week a battle to save jobs and defend local journalism.

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Clarke asked to clarify bribery laws

BRITISH capitalists are lobbying Justice Minister Ken Clarke to protect British firms from new anti-bribery laws as his own record of accepting freebies came under the spotlight.

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The real face of the Liberal Democrats


The Orange Book: Reclaiming Liberalism Edited by Paul Marshall and David Laws. London: Profile Books, 2004, xi, 302pp. ISBN 978-1-86197-797-7 originally published at £8.99.

by Robert Laurie

IT IS perhaps unfortunate that this book was not reviewed by The New Worker when it first appeared in September 2004, which in political terms is two general elections and two Liberal Democrat leaders ago.

Had the contents of the book been better known fewer people might have been taken in by claims (promoted by The Guardian and others on the “left” who ought to have known better) that the Liberal Democrats were a safe radical alternative for Labour voters disillusioned by the right-wing policies of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Instead the contents of book reveal that the frequently repeated charges made about an alleged “betrayal” by the Liberal Democrats for entering into the coalition with the Tories are nothing of the sort. It unashamedly shows them to be perfect bedfellows for the Tory Party.

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Remembering Salman Taseer

by a New Worker correspondent

NCP leader Andy Brooks and other London comrades joined mourners in London on Monday for a last salute to Salman Taseer, the Punjabi governor killed last week by a religious fanatic.

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International News

What are we going to do with Israel?

by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

ISRAEL’S arrogance and lawlessness are growing by the day, with its illegal policies now being openly branded as such by the United Nations, as Tel Aviv continues its illegal practice of building colonies on lands it does not possess under international law.

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UN versus colonialism: a third decade

by Victor Carriba

THE UNITED Nations has declared this the Third International Decade for the Elimination of Colonialism, imposed by the persistent condition of colonialism in 16 so-called non-autonomous territories, and particularly the case of Puerto Rico.

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Spanish union to continue pensions fight

Xinhua news agency

THE LEADER of Spain’s largest union, the Comisiones Obreras (CCOO), pledged his union to do everything possible to defend the public pensions system.

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Why did China’s economic stimulus succeed?

by Theo Russell

IN NOVEMBER 2008 the Chinese government announced a two-year economic stimulus package of four trillion yuan (£382 billion) to counteract the effects of the biggest global recession in 80 years.

Unlike similar efforts in Europe and the United States, China’s stimulus proved to be a spectacular success, and the recession hardly affected China at all. GDP growth was maintained at 10 per cent per year in 2007-2009, generating over one trillion dollars, even though exports, the engine of China’s economic success for the last three decades, fell by over $120 billion as Western demand slumped.

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