National News

3,500 more Royal Mail jobs to go

THE ROYAL Mail hit its workforce with two staggering blows last week when it announced another 3,500 job cuts — and that the workers’ share scheme that had been part of the settlement of a previous dispute over job cuts is virtually worthless.

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Libya emergency protest

by Theo Russell

PEACE campaigners gathered opposite Downing Street on Sunday for an emergency protest called by the Stop the War Coalition against the Western-led military aggression against Libya.

Jeremy Corbyn told protestors: “The action is all about oil, it’s about control, and it’s sending a message to the rest of the region that we can do this if we want to,” adding “I fear we will are going to be involved in a ground war.

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Cameron fails to back ban on slavery

OXANA Kalemi last week led a group of campaigners to 10 Downing Street calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to sign European Union regulations designed to stop human trafficking.

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Long walk

CARDIFF call centre worker Richard Evans is walking to London to protest at George Osborne’s public spending cuts. He plans to complete the 166-mile journey in time for to join the giant trade union anti-cuts march on Saturday in London.

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Police support for cuts protest

MEMBERS of the Police Federation last week warned the Con-Dem Coalition that they are closer to joining the marchers as anger grows over planned cuts to pay and conditions.

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EDL bring ‘hatred and division’ to Reading

A PROTEST by the anti-Islamic English Defence League (EDL) in Reading over plans to build a new mosque in the town has been condemned for causing “hatred and division”.

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No halt to nuclear plans

THE FRENCH-based energy company EDF last week said that nuclear crisis in Japan will not affect the company’s plans to build new reactors in Britain.

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Haw faces new eviction threat

BRIAN HAW, the man who has camped on the pavement opposite the House of Commons for over a decade now to protest about the effects of imperialist policies and wars on the children of the Middle East now faces a new threat of eviction.

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Remembering the Past: The Birmingham Six

The Birmingham Six were released 20 years ago, in March 1991.

IN THE 1980s, the British police and judicial system came under intense national and international scrutiny as the framing of Irish people for offences they did not commit was exposed in the media and in the courts. The best-known of these frame-up victims were the Birmingham Six.

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Meeting on Bahrain

by New Worker correspondent THE STRUGGLE of the Bahraini people for democratic rights was the topic of the meeting of the Metropolitan New Worker Supporters Group last week.

London supporters were briefed on the developments in Bahrain by Karen Dabrowska who has written many articles for the New Worker over the years.

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War Cry


War Cry: Milton Smalling; First Class Publications, London 2011, 128 pp. ISBN 978-0-9508636-3-4.

by Bill Topaz

ON THE BACK of this book the author’s brief autobiography describes him as being born in Stepney, Jamaica, which he left in 1965 to join his mother in Battersea, the working class area of London that the home of the New Worker and a well established black community.

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International News

Cuba condemns attack on Libya

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Havana.

CUBA expresses its most forceful condemnation of the foreign military intervention into the internal conflict occurring within the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

For Cuba, conflicts must be resolved through dialogue and negotiation, not with the use of military force.

Japan confronts catastrophe

Radio Havana Cuba

A FORTNIGHT after the earthquake that shook Japan and the devastating tsunami that followed it few minutes later, a clearer view of the high human and material damage caused by both disasters starts to be really understood now.

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Obama looks to the south

Radio Havana Cuba

UNITED STATES President Barack Obama turned his gaze to the south this week when he began a visit to three Latin American countries: Brazil, Chile and El Salvador, with the avowed purpose of countering the popularity of the Bolivarian Revolution and other sovereign and independent processes occurring in the region,

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Kill Wisconsin anti-union bill!

by Fred Goldstein

THE PASSAGE of right-wing Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting bill should not be the end of the story in Wisconsin. It should be the beginning of a new phase of escalated struggle by the unions, the community and students to overturn this illegal denial of workers’ rights.

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Haneen Zoabi

A Palestinian woman fighting for equality in Israel

by Khaled Khalefa and Geng Xuepeng in Nazareth

“EVERY WOMAN can be a woman of frustration. I’m not optimistic. I’m not pessimistic. I’m just struggling,” said Haneen Zoabi, a Palestinian female legislator in the Israeli parliament, Knesset.

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In Memoriam

Tawfik Toubi


VETERAN Communist Party of Israel (CPI) leader Tawfik Toubi died on 12th March and was buried in Haifa the following day. He was the last surviving member of the first Israeli parliament, the Knesset.

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