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Libyan advance blocks NATO plans

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

BRITISH, American and French missiles and warplanes are continuing to hit Libyan military positions in an imperialist offensive in the name of a “no fly zone,” pushed through the United Nations Security Council last week. But the air and sea bombardment is clearly aimed at saving the imperialist-backed rebels who were on the brink of total defeat.

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‘We’ve marched together, now let’s strike together’

by New Worker correspondents

NEW COMMUNIST Party comrades from all over the country descended on London to join more than half a million demonstrators last Saturday to take part in the TUC’s March for the Alternative to the massive cuts in public jobs and services being implemented by the Con-Dem Coalition.

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Step up the fight!

THE HALF-MILLION or so workers who marched through London last Saturday showed the bourgeoisie that there is mass opposition to their brutal package of cuts and that it can be mobilised by the labour movement to deliver that message to the Government and the ruling class. Whether that opposition turns into concrete resistance to the Tory-led coalition is, of course, another matter.

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