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Libya: rebels spurn peace

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

LIBYAN rebels have turned down an African Union peace plan that would have ended the civil war with Muammar Gadaffi still in place as leader. An African Union delegation headed by Mauritanian leader Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz and including President Jacob Zuma of South Africa held talks with Gaddafi in Tripoli this week before putting their plan to the rebel leaders in their stronghold of Benghazi.

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40,000 NHS jobs massacre

by Caroline Colebrook

HE ROYAL College of Nursing at its annual congress last week in Liverpool warned that Government plans to reform the National Health Service while at the same time making savings of £20 billion will result in 40,000 jobs being lost — and at least half of these will be frontline staff, doctors and nurses.

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Fiddling with the small change

THE GOVERNMENT’S Independent Commission on Banking (ICB) delivered its report and recommendations on Monday and none of our readers will be surprised that the banks were said to be relieved at the mildness of the measures that are supposed to prevent another banking crisis like that in 2008.

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