National News

Roses for Red Army Day

by New Worker correspondent

THE WARM weather in April has brought on an abundance of early roses and great bushels of magnificent red roses made up the dozens of wreaths and bouquets that were laid at the Soviet War Memorial in Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park last Monday to commemorate the Red Army’s Victory Day in the war against the Nazi hordes on 9th May 1945.

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Five teenagers die in prison

PENAL: reformers last week expressed concern over a recent spate of five teenagers dying in five jails in England during the last five weeks. The deaths are apparent suicides by hanging.

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Jobcentre staff and suicide threats

THE DEPARTEMENT of Work and Pensions last week issued guidelines to jobcentre staff on how to respond to claimants who say they will kill themselves if their benefits are withdrawn.

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BNP routed in elections

FOR THE SECOND year running the BNP has been routed in British elections. They have been wiped out in Stoke-on-Trent, lost all but one of the 268 seats they was contesting in English council elections and saw their vote collapse in the Welsh Assembly elections.

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Libya war — nothing to do with human rights

by New Worker correspondent

THE NATO military intervention in Libya, far from protecting civilians, is escalating the conflict and wrecking attempts for a peaceful resolution, a meeting of the London branch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament against the bombing of Libya concluded last Wednesday.

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RMT suspends Tube strike

THE RMT transport union last Tuesday agreed to suspend strike action due to begin next week pending further an agreement by London Underground Limited to re-employ union activist Eamonn Lynch, who had been unfairly sacked, and to discuss further the position of Arwyn Thomas — also unfairly sacked.

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Photographers are not terrorists

LONDON-based photographers staged a Flashmob outside the City Hall in London last Tuesday on World Press Freedom Day to denounce arbitrary restrictions on their work in the City, where banning of photography in many public spaces is enforced by private security guards.

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International News

Russia celebrates victory over fascism

by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

FASCIST Germany attacked the Soviet Union on 22nd June 1941. The Nazi aviation bombed airbases, railways, naval bases and many other objects at a distance of up to 300 kilometers from the state border. The Soviet Union rose up heroically and selflessly sacrificed 26 million souls to free the world from this scourge.

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Israel could scupper peace talks

by Omar Al-Othmani and Osama Radi in Ramallah

WHILE Palestinians celebrate the reconciliation deal between Fatah and the Hamas movement, Israel’s position towards the reconciliation is making peace talks with the current Palestinian leadership impossible.

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Miami journalists on the US payroll

by Xelcis Presno

A MULTI-YEAR effort by the US National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, the US Partnership for Civil Justice Fund and Liberation newspaper has uncovered thousands of pages of previously unreleased materials that reveal that the US government was paying Miami-based journalists who saturated the Miami media with reports that were highly inflammatory and prejudicial to the five Cuban anti-terrorism fighters during their trial in that US city.

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Cuba rejects new Western smears

by Juan Leandro

THE CUBAN government rejected a new smear campaign against the Revolution, following the death of dissident Wilfredo Soto, which occurred on 8th May due to acute pancreatitis, in the Hospital Arnaldo Milian Castro of the central city of Santa Clara.

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SNP sweeps the board

by our Scottish Political Correspondent

IN THE AFTERMATH of last year’s general election, in which Labour reversed the trend in England, members thought they had a fair chance of reversing the 2007 Scottish Parliamentary elections that saw the Scottish National Party form a minority administration with 47 MSPs, only one more than Labour’s 46.

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The assassination of Osama bin Laden

by Fidel Castro

THE PEOPLE who deal with these issues know that on 11th September 2001 our people expressed their solidarity with the US people and offered the modest cooperation that in the area of health we could have offered to the victims of the brutal attack against the Twin Towers in New York.

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Osama bin Laden: wanted dead, not alive

Workers World (US)

WHY? WHY DID the US government do it this way? Since the beginning of organised deadly warfare, when one side finally wins by capturing the leader of the other side, it has been the custom for the victor to display the captive for everyone to see.

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On forests, welfare and war

by Rob Gowland

TOCAL Agricultural College in New South Wales (NSW) is about 40 minutes from Newcastle, on the fringes of the Lower Hunter. My wife and I went there on the Friday before May Day, to enjoy the stalls and exhibits at the College’s annual Small Farms Field Days.

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WFTU Congress: open, democratic and united!

Fight Back!, the journal of the American Freedom Road Socialist Organisation, recently interviewed Cherrene Horazuk, a US delegate to the 16th Congress of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) held 7th -10th April in Athens, Greece. Horazuk is prominent Minneapolis trade unionist and a spokesperson for the Minnesota Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

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