National News

End the siege of Gaza now!

by New Worker Correspondent

HUNDREDS of protesters assembled in Whitehall, Westminster, opposite Downing Street last Saturday to demand that the British government put pressure on Israel to end the siege of Gaza immediately.

The event — along with hundreds of similar events around the globs — also commemorated the Palestinian Nakba, or Great Catastrophe, in 1948 when the state of Israel was founded and Palestinians were violently driven out of their homes and their land was taken from them at gunpoint.

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Quarter of homes face cold winter

THE RISING prices of gas and electricity are likely to force around 25 per cent of households to turn off their heating at some point next winter, according to estimates made by the price comparison website Uswitch.

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MPs must stop war on Libya

by New Worker correspondent

AS PARLIAMENT debated the Libya conflict anti-war protesters chanted: “Stop Bombing Libya”, “David Cameron hear us say, intervention no way”, “One, two, three four —we don’t want another war” and “Hands off Libyan oil”.

The demonstration, which was organised by Stop the War Coalition, was addressed by Lindsey German, the coalition’s convenor. Protesters hoisted green banners with white lettering: “Hands off Libya”.

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Anger a Jobcentre cuts

THE CIVIL service union PCS last week expressed its anger at plans from the Con-Dem Coalition to close 22 Jobcentres, affecting around 2,400 staff.

PCS said five contact centres and 17 benefit-processing sites were scheduled for closure and described the decision a “deeply flawed and dangerous” at a time of rising unemployment.

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Coalition green pledges withering

THE LEADERS of 15 environmental campaign groups last week wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron warning that the Government is in danger of losing its way on environmental policy.

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A good end to BA dispute

THE GIANT union Unite and British Airways have reached an agreement to resolve the long-running cabin crew dispute at the airline, the union announced last Thursday.

The agreement is to be put to a ballot of Unite cabin crew members over the next month, with a union recommendation for acceptance. In the meantime, the union has decided not to call any industrial action at the airline based on its present ballot mandate.

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Hardest Hit march: disabled show anger and fear at cuts

by New Worker Correspondent

OVER 5,000 people with a wide range of physical and mental health problems last Wednesday came to Westminster to tell Parliament of their anger and outrage at a multiplicity of cuts from all directions that will affect their lives dramatically and could leave some totally destitute.

For most of those present just getting there was a mammoth task. A group of wheelchair users from East Anglia faced the problem that local trains could only accommodate two wheelchairs per train, so they had to travel two at a time and meet up again in London; likewise for the return journey. It made what was in any case a difficult journey a logistical nightmare.

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Fighting to save children’s services in Lambeth

HUNDREDS of people assembled outside Lambeth Town Hall last Wednesday evening to protest at planned cuts to children’s services in the borough.

The event was organised by Lambeth Save Our Services. In particular they are fighting to save adventure playgrounds, the Max Roach Centre and One-O’Clock-Clubs.

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International News

Report on life in Gaza

Palestine News & Info Agency

KRISTALINA Georgieva, the European Union Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, and Valery Amos, the United Nations Undersecretary-General, highlighted during their visit to the Gaza Strip on Monday the dramatic human and far-reaching effects of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

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Brazil and China increasing trade links

BRAZIL expressed its interest in increasing exports to China by 20 per cent, while China wants to increase investments in Brazil.

The meeting between the Brazilian Foreign Minister (Antonio Patriota) and the Minister of Development, Industry and Trade (Fernando Pimentel) with Chinese Trade Minister Chen Deming, who is visiting Brazil since Saturday, centred on the achievement of these intentions.

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China calls for immediate ceasefire in Libya

Xinhua news agency

CHINA last Tuesday called for an immediate ceasefire in Libya, saying that the future of the North African country should be decided by its own people.

“We are keeping a close watch on the situation in Libya, and once again call on relevant parties to cease fire immediately and solve the current crisis through peaceful means, such as negotiations and dialogue,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu at a regular news briefing.

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Pakistan protests at Nato violation of airspace

Radio Havana Cuba

THE PAKISTANIS army has lodged a strong protest after two Nato helicopters injured several Pakistani soldiers in the Pakistani region of North Waziristan.

Pakistani officials say Nato helicopters attacked a Pakistani army post on the border of Afghanistan today, wounding at least two soldiers.

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Sinn Féin calls for release of Price

An Phoblacht

THE JAILING of Marian Price after British Secretary of State Owen Paterson revoked her licence for release was wrong and she should be freed, Sinn Féin deputy chair of the Justice Committee Raymond McCartney MLA has said.

Price is a vocal opponent of Sinn Féin and the Peace Process but she is still entitled to due process, Sinn Féin insists.

She was on licence from a life sentence for her part in the IRA bombing of London’s Old Bailey in 1973.

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Havana workshop analyses women’s reality

Prensa Latina

THE EIGHTH International Workshop on Women in the 21st century began on Monday in the Cuban capital, aimed at exchanging, updating and assessing academic work on feminism, gender and related studies.

Convened by the Women’s Studies department at the University of Havana and the national leadership of the Federation of Cuban Women, the objective of the meeting is to create a space for theoretical and scientific reflection, and to talk about experiences in those issues in several disciplines.

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Israeli repression condemned

Radio Havana Cuba

PALESTINIAN and Arab leaders on Monday strongly condemned the bloody repression by Israeli occupation forces of peaceful demonstrators commemorating the Day of Nakba, resulting in at least 16 deaths and wounding hundreds more.

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Extradite Carriles!

by Juan Leandro in Havana

Radio Havana Cuba

THE PRESIDENT of the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice, Luisa Estella Morales, said that the government of the United States should immediately extradite international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela, while speaking in Havana on Monday.

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Nato bombs civilian buildings in Libyan

by Ed Newman in Tripoli

RESIDENTIAL and governmental office buildings suffered considerable damage by Nato air attacks against Tripoli, where supporters of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi condemned the continued aggressions against civilians.

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The limits of American power

by Sara Flounders

PRESIDENT Barack Obama has praised the targeted assassination of Osama bin Laden as a turning point and “one of the greatest military and intelligence operations in US history”.

However events in the week running up to the execution exposed the limits of US imperialist power and showed why the imperialists are so desperate to project an all-powerful image.

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Syria will not be another Libya

by the Chief Middle East correspondent

Beijing People’s Daily TURMOIL persists in Syria and the prospects look bleak. Western countries such as the United States have stepped up sanctions against Syria and some media agencies have reported that the United States is considering launching a military intervention against Syria in a repeat of what happened in Libya.

However I have a different view.

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US veteran tells new war story

by Le Hung Vong

THE VIETNAMESE translation of an American war veteran’s book entitled Bare Feet, Iron Will: Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s Battlefields was released in Ho Chi Minh City last month. The author of the book is James Zumwalt, younger son of the commander of the US Naval Forces in Vietnam.

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