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The smiling face of imperialism

by Daphne Liddle

PRESIDENT Obama arrived in Britain on Tuesday to cheers and smiles from Prime Minister Cameron, the Queen as the rich and powerful eagerly sought to be photographed near the man who is described as the most powerful on the planet.

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Libya: West wants more war; Africa wants peace

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

TRIPOLI was pounded again this week as the imperialist powers escalate their military action against the Gaddafi government in renewed efforts to break the deadlock in the Libyan civil war.

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Obama in wonderland

BARACK Obama is visiting our neck of the woods this week, as part of his European tour, to touch ground with his tenuous Irish ancestors and re-affirm the so-called “special relationship” with British imperialism. But the real purpose of the US president’s globe-trotting is to re-assert American imperialism’s hegemony over the entire capitalist world under the false banners of “freedom” and “democracy”.

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