National News

Working class squeezed for 30 years

LOW AND middle income earners have endured a 30-year squeeze on their incomes, according to a new report, Britain’s Livelihood Crisis, published by the TUC.

The median incomes for low income earners have risen just 27 per cent and for middle income earners by 57 per cent during the last three decades up to the recent recession — while the economy of Britain has more than doubled in size over that period.

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Defending abortion rights

PRO-CHOICE campaigners last week came together to launch a fight-back against attempts by right-wing Christian fundamental extremists, who are trying to undermine established abortion rights as MPs try to tighten legislation.

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The greedy and the gullible

THE GMB union at its annual congress in Brighton this week launched a report into the history of the financial crisis that threatens to wipe out Southern Cross Care Homes, leaving 31,000 vulnerable elderly residents in 759 care homes at risk of losing their homes.

The report, entitled the Cross we have to bear — the greedy and the gullible, shows that major British and American financial institutions and their advisors were involved in buying into the sale-and-lease-back for Southern Cross, which has blown up.

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Cameron’s NHS promises ‘hollow’

THE GIANT union Unite last week rejected promises made by the Prime Minister on Tuesday to make some changes to the very unpopular health bill. Unite said that promises from David Cameron to “protect” the NHS will be meaningless if his Government remains determined to force through the most significant and controversial rewriting of the NHS’ mission in its 60-year history.

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Soup runs and human rights

PLANS by the London Borough of Westminster to ban soup runs to feed the homeless could breach human rights, according to the human rights organisation Liberty.

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Doctors asked to spy on Muslim patients

HOME SECRETARY Theresa May has launched a new attack on “terrorism”, which includes calling on doctors and other health staff to identify patients “at risk of being drawn into violent extremism”.

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Cost of Libya war will make disabled homeless

THE STOP the War campaign last week issued a statement, written by Robin Beste, explaining how the Government is paying for the war in Libya by making disabled people homeless in Britain.

Nine weeks of war in Libya will cost £200 million — the same amount the Government aims to “save” by making changes to housing benefit which could force 11,000 disabled people into homelessness.

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Spare rooms a luxury too far

THE CON-DEM Coalition is considering plans to force people living in social housing to move out and seek smaller homes if they have spare rooms. Spare bedrooms for people in social housing are a luxury the country can no longer afford, a minister has said.

Tenants with spare rooms will lose £11 a week in housing benefit under changes going through Parliament.

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International News

Yemen crisis deepens as Saleh goes

Xinhua news agency

THE STRUGGLE for power has intensified in Yemen this week following the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh for medical treatment in Saudi Arabia. The president was seriously wounded last week when the presidential palace was shelled by gunmen loyal to opposition tribal leader Sadiq al Ahmar.

The attack left 11 of Saleh’s bodyguards dead and a number of senior officials wounded. The wounded were airlifted to Saudi Arabia for treatment before Saleh’s departure.

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The Peru that awaits Humala

by Eduardo JoséGonzález

WITH THE already unquestionable victory of nationalist leader Ollanta Humala in the second round of presidential elections in Peru, it is time to close the campaign chapter and move on to facts that should transform the Andean country, a country today confronting huge economic, political and regional contradictions.

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Raul Castro greets Chinese leader

by Juan Leandro

CUBAN president Raul Castro held talks with Chinese Vice President Xi Jingping in Havana on Sunday. During the meeting Raul Castro and Xi Jingping reviewed the current state of bilateral relations and also exchanged their views on key international issues. The Chinese leader was visiting Cuba as part of his second Latin American tour in less than three years.

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From Spain to Greece — Mass protests spread across Europe

by Ben Carroll

DEMONSTRATIONS and occupations against the capitalist crisis, austerity and mass unemployment continued into their third week across Spain, sending ripples across the rest of the continent as other young people and workers organised protests and encampments in solidarity with the revolt that ignited on 15th May. It’s now called 15-M.

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Cuba to host conference on Hemingway

by Juan Leandro

CUBA WILL host the 13th International Colloquium on the life and work of American author and journalist, Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), from 16th to 19th June, with the attendance of nearly 20 experts on his life from several countries.

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Ludo Martens 1946-2011

IN THE early morning of Sunday 5th June 2011, after a long and lingering illness, Ludo Martens, former president of the Workers’ Party of Belgium, passed away. Many have known him mainly as the initiator of the Brussels International Communist Seminar, which he presided from 1992 to the early years of the 21st century. From his analysis of the degeneration and final overthrow of socialism in the Soviet Union and other countries in Eastern Europe, he saw the necessity but also the possibility of re-unifying and reinforcing the world communist movement on the basis of scientific socialism, in a spirit of internationalism.

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Questions for those who support the Libyan ‘Opposition’

by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

MAYBE THOSE who refuse to call the Libyan opposition terrorists and instead continue to accuse the forces of the Libyan Government of attacking innocent civilians could answer some of the questions posed in this article. If not, then maybe they could ask themselves why they are supporting Islamist terrorists.

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Unwelcome visitors: British monarchs in Ireland

An Phoblacht

“We confess to having more respect and honour for the raggedest child of the poorest labourer in Ireland today than for any, even the most virtuous descendant of the long array of murderers, adulterers and madmen who have sat upon the throne of England”

— James Connolly, 1897

LAST MONTH the Queen of England made the first official state visit by a British monarch to the 26 Counties since partition.

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Mladic, Libya and justice

Workers World (US)

POLITICIANS running the powerful imperialist countries in Europe and North America and their corporate media have unanimously hailed the arrest of Yugoslav/Serbian General Ratko Mladic as a triumph of democracy. Even if you knew nothing about the civil war in Bosnia, you would have to be suspicious of these declarations. Why? Because the first thing the imperialists tried to do is use the arrest to justify the current war against Libya.

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