National News

The death knell for Remploy

THE LATEST report on employment opportunities for disabled people is a blueprint to close more than 50 Remploy plants according to the giant union Unite.

Unite said that the small print makes it clear that there will be no more public funding for the enterprise business side of Remploy which has 54 factories across Britain. This would be “a major blow” to some of the most disadvantaged people in society.

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End SW Trains job cuts!

RAIL UNION RMT last Monday demanded an end to job cuts at South West Trains after the union revealed that another 48 customer service staff are being axed — just days after staff shortages compounded the chaos of the breakdown of services into Waterloo last Thursday evening.

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Unions rising to Con-Dem challenge

MORE and more major unions are balloting and planning strike action against Con-Dem plans to cut their pensions — as a part of the wide ranging actions against the whole package of public sector cuts — and in response to Government threats to increase anti-union laws.

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Southern Cross to cut hundreds of homes

SOUTHERN Cross, the company running care homes across Britain that is in serious financial difficulties after selling its buildings to avaricious venture capitalists and then renting them back, last week announced it would be forced to cut 3,000 jobs and 132 homes from its total of 751 homes.

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Food price inflation hits the poor most

POORER households have experienced higher inflation over the last decade than the rich, according to a report released last week by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS).

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Wildcat victory at Royal Mail

STAFF at a London delivery office last week took illegal strike action and won the reinstatement of a fellow worker.

Around 90 postal workers at the N1 sorting office took unofficial strike action yesterday in support of a longstanding worker suspended for “wilful delay of the mail”.

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Stop the War conference

by New Worker correspondent

MORE THAN 300 supporters of Stop the War attended the organisation’s successful conference in London last weekend, times to coincide with the imperialist invasion of Afghanistan, which triggered the foundation of Stop the War.

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International News

Chilean youth defend their right to education

by Alex Silva

CHILEAN students have taken to the streets again to defend their right to education. For several weeks, they’ve held protests in several cities to demand less privatisation, better quality of teaching and urgent repairs for schools damaged by last year’s earthquake.

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Turkey’s ruling party wins another landslide victory

AFTER WINNING nearly half of the national votes on Sunday, Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) faces multiple challenges in its third straight term in office.

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Mossad agent captured in Egypt

by Ed Newman

THE EGYPTIAN police have confirmed the arrest of an Israeli officer accused of spying as well as an Egyptian believed responsible for the Cairo bombing in 2009 that left one person dead.

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Greek economy sinking fast

by Eduardo José González

WITH THE passage of one year since the implementation of the Financial Rescue Programme imposed by the European Union on troubled Greece, even the gods of Mount Olympus are bailing water to prevent the total collapse of the country where, once again, neo-liberalism proved to be nothing more than a resounding failure.

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Democratic Korea - West Sea Barrage proves effective

by Kim Sung Gun

TWENTY-FIVE years have passed since the West Sea Barrage was brought to completion. The barrage was built by blocking the eight kilometre-long stretch of sea in the lower reaches of the Taedong River in June 1986.

In support of the far-reaching plan of President Kim Il Sung and the leader Kim Jong Il for this gigantic transformation of nature, the builders erected the barrage as a grand monumental structure in just five years. Since then the barrage has proved its great value.

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London ‘slut walk’

by New Worker correspondent

SOME 5,000 Londoners turned out for last Saturday’s “Slutwalk” to rally for women’s rights and protest about sexist attitudes to women and rape. The first Slutwalk was held in Toronto in April, triggered by a Canadian policeman’s comment that women should “avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised”.

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European workers battle bankers’ attack

by John Catalinotto

SOME 80,000 people marched down the streets to Syntagma Square in Athens, Greece, on 5th June on the twelfth straight day of protests, emulating the uprising of youth in Spain. In Greece organised struggles over the past 18 months have also included general strikes led by the PAME labour confederation.

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Imperialism sows death in Afghanistan

by Lisa Karpova

NATO strikes against civilian targets are causing indignation and repudiation, and Afghans are questioning Nato’s presence.

The Nato bombing campaign against civilian targets in Afghanistan in recent days has victimised dozens of women, children and innocent citizens.

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Israelis and Palestinians facing US pressure to sign up

by Adam Gonn in Jerusalem

THE UNITED States is stepping up its efforts to head-off a vote at the United Nations in September on a resolution recognising an independent Palestinian state.

With Israeli-Palestinian peace talks stalled since last September, Palestinian National Authority (PNA) President Mahmoud Abbas has proposed that the UN General Assembly (GA) vote accept “Palestine” as a full member of the organisation.

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