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by Daphne Liddle

THE PHONE hacking scandal that has engulfed Britain’s ruling class has swept away the News of the World, Britain’s most senior police officer and his deputy, the chief executive of News International, rocked the transnational Murdoch media empire and compromised the position of the Prime Minister. So far!

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Libyan forces beat back rebels

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

LIBYAN forces have beaten back repeated rebel attempts to seize the key oil refinery town of Brega in a week of fighting that saw Nato step up the bombing of the Libyan capital and their air-support for the rebel bands in the east of the country. But behind the scenes diplomatic efforts to end the conflict are gaining momentum following the disclosure of meetings between senior Libyan officials and representatives of the US and French governments.

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The fall of the House of Murdoch

NONE of us were sorry to see the News of the World go under last week. The arrest of Rebekah Brooks, News International’s chief executive, for questioning in connection with corruption issues after a number of Rupert Murdoch’s chief henchmen jumped ship, will have brought wry smiles to veteran Fleet Street printers who fought the Murdoch empire to preserve free trade unions during the Sun dispute in the 1980s.

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