Libya: ‘Cameron must go’!

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THE LIBYAN people came under ferocious imperialist air bombardment this week with repeated attacks on the capital, Tripoli, and an air-raid on the strategic town of Majer that killed 85 civilians including 65 women and children.

But Muammar Gaddafi’s youngest son Khamis, who the rebels claimed had been killed by in a Nato missile attack last week, proved that he was very much alive when he went to visit the wounded in hospital and Libya has called on the Cameron government to resign following the riots that swept England this week.

The fortunes of war are clearing turning towards Colonel Gaddafi’s government whose forces are continuing to defy Nato aviation and the rebel militias in the service of the feudal Arab princes and the big oil corporations.

British and Italian warships off the Libyan coast came under missile attack for the first time since the conflict began. And the rebel “Transitional National Council” appears to have collapsed as more fighting erupts in the heart of the rebel-held provincial capital, Benghazi while their leader, Mustafa Abdul Jalil reportedly fled to safety in Egypt.

The Libyan government on Wednesday called for British Prime Minister David Cameron to step down, saying that because of the riots shaking Britain, he had “lost all legitimacy”. Deliberately parodying the hypocritical imperialist statements used to justify Nato’s war Libyan deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaim said: “Cameron and his government must leave after the popular uprising against them and the violent repression of peaceful demonstrations by police. Cameron and his government have lost all legitimacy,” he said.

Kaim went on to say: “These demonstrations show that the British people reject this government which is trying to impose itself through force.”

He called on the UN Security Council and the international community to not stay with its arms crossed in the face of the flagrant violation of the rights of the British people.

In Benghazi Nato helicopter gunships intervened to beat back Warfullah tribesmen trying to drive out Islamic fundamentalists blamed, along with members of the bogus puppet regime, for the murder of General Younes by his own men in July.

Rebel “premier” Jalil returned to Benghazi to dismiss his entire “cabinet” in a move to assure the family of General Younes and his powerful Obeidi tribe that steps were being taken to find out who had given the order for the assassination.

General Younes’ family and the Obeidi tribe welcomed the move but warned that this was no substitute for the killers, and those who tried to “cover up” the killings, facing justice. In a joint statement they said: “We only care about justice. We don’t seek power. We insist on bringing those involved with the assassination, regardless of their ranks or titles, to be prosecuted by a fair, civilised judicial system.”