National News

They did not pass

by Caroline Colebrook

THE ENGLISH Defence League (EDL) boasted that their planned march and rally in the East End of London would be a national event marking a turning point in the fortunes of the far-right violent Islamophobic organisation of neo-Nazis, football hooligans and other thugs.

They intended to hold their march through Tower Hamlets’ Muslim community. But that community, along with anti-fascists from Hope not Hate, trade unionists and other activists campaigned for a ban on that march that that was aimed at bringing provocation, hatred and violence to the East End.

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Bus company opts for volunteer staff

TRANSPORT union RMT warned last Tuesday that thousands of jobs are under threat from David Cameron’s “Big Society” programme as the Isle of Wight became the first area to use the threat of bus service cuts to replace paid staff with volunteers — a move which the union warns could now be rolled out across the country.

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Burston school strike celebrated

by New Worker correspondent

THE NEW WORKER stall became a centre for debate on left unity at the annual celebration of the Burston School Strike in Norfolk last Sunday. Hundred of leaflets published by the East Anglia left unity group were given out and many New Workers were sold.

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Migrant domestic workers protest

HUNDREDS of migrant domestic workers gathered last Sunday in Old Palace Yard, Westminster to demonstrate against the Government’s proposed changes to the domestic workers’ visa.

The British government has proposed to change the domestic workers’ visa and remove some of the most fundamental rights of migrant domestic workers, which could leave them vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.

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Social services stand-off

THE GMB general union last week called on Central Bedfordshire Council to clarify how it will deliver social services from 1st October as 600 staff refuse to sign new reduced contracts.

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Murdoch spooks target lawyers

NEWS INTERNATIONAL, the global media empire dominated by Rupert Murdoch, employed private detectives —as recently as six months ago — to make dossiers on lawyers Charlotte Harris, Mark Lewis and Mark Thomson, who were leading claims against News International over phone hacking.

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Education workers to lobby MPs

AROUND 25,000 teachers and lecturers are expected to gather at Parliament on Wednesday 26th October in a mass lobby to protest against savage pension cuts in the education sector.

The action is part of a joint campaign by seven leading education unions to draw attention to the myths surrounding the debate on pensions and to the severity of the cuts being proposed.

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Arctic Convoy vets back in Archangel

VETERANS of the Second World War Arctic convoys, which carried essential supplies and armaments to the Soviet Union through the most terrible conditions, were back in Archangel last month to mark the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the first convoy.

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Oliver Cromwell 1599-1658

OLIVER CROMWELL, the leader of the English Revolution, died on 3rd September 1658. Cromwell, the MP for Huntingdon, was the leading Parliamentary commander during the English Civil War, which began in 1642 and ended in1649 with the trial and execution of Charles Stuart and the abolition of the monarchy. The Republic of England, or Commonwealth as it was styled in English, was proclaimed soon after.

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Snipers are a special breed

reviewed by Andy Brooks

Notes of a Russian Sniper: Vassili Zaitsev, Hbk, illus, 208 pp, Frontline Books, London 2010 £19.99.

VASSILI ZAITSEV was the Soviet sniper immortalised by Jude Law in Enemy at the Gates, the 2001 blockbuster movie set during the Battle of Stalingrad with a star-studded cast, including Ed Harris as his Nazi counterpart and Bob Hoskins as Nikita Krushchov.

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International News

General strike rocks Italy

Xinhua news agency

ITALIAN workers held a nationwide strike on Tuesday to protest against the austerity measures of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right government.

Called by Italy’s largest trade union centre, the left-leaning Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL), the one-day strike brought national public transportation to a halt while heated debate was underway on the proposed austerity measures designed to cut €45.5 billion in spending.

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Western pawns in Syria beg for imperialist intervention

by H Sabbagh

THE PAWNS of the conspiracy against Syria escalated their begging for foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs last week, repeating calls for arming the terrorists who murder army, law enforcement, security personnel and civilians in Syria.

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Cuba develops world’s first vaccine against lung cancer

by Lena Valverde

CUBA HAS registered the world’s first therapeutic vaccine against advanced lung cancer.

Successful clinical tests have proven the efficacy of the vaccine, which will be marketed on the island under the name Cimavax-EGF.

Unlike traditional treatments, which focused on chemo and radiation therapy that are non-specific and attack both infected and healthy cells, “CIMAVAX-EGF” acts directly on the malignant tumour.

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The dark side of science

by Juan Leandro

AT LEAST 83 Guatemalans were killed by illegal medical experiments conducted in the Central American country by US scientists in the 1940s, according to a commission investigating these sinister events.

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Workers must unite to stop the financial crisis!

by Steve Mavrantonis

IN AN article of mine about the situation in Greece published in the New Worker last year, I had argued that the crisis unfolding in Greece was not an exclusive Greek problem but part of a broader European crisis.

Developments since then and especially the current situation in a number of countries namely: Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and before long Belgium will be added to that list, confirm the correctness of this view.

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General strike in Chile unites

Workers World (US)

HUNDREDS of thousands of demonstrators across Chile supported the second day of a general strike on 25th August as protests against the privatisation of education escalated into demands for sweeping governmental and social change.

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