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by Daphne Liddle

MILLIONS of workers last Wednesday took part in a historic national strike that closed 21,000 schools as well as thousands of libraries, council offices, parks, courts, job centres, benefit offices and other government offices. And many thousands more workplaces were closed or seriously affected by industrial action throughout the UK.

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Iran protesters storm British embassy

Xinhua news agency

ANGRY Iranian protesters broke into the British embassy compound in Tehran on Tuesday and dragged down the British flag. Chanting anti-British slogans, the protesters, most of them students from Tehran universities, urged the government to expel the British ambassador from Iran.

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Solidarity with the working people of Greece, PAME and the KKE

Joint statement of Communist and Workers Parties

For more than a year the Greek people, the workers and youth, members of the trade union front PAME and the Communist Party of Greece have said NO to the measures that the Greek government authorities are willing to impose on them. They are completely opposed to the fact that the bourgeois class in Greece, its governments, with the support of the EU, the IMF and the ECB, attack the people in order to bankrupt the people under the conditions of the crisis and increase the immense profits of the big financial and industrial capital.

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When stuck in a hole, stop digging

CHANCELLOR George Osborne on Tuesday had to admit his plans for cutting the Government spending deficit are not going as planned. Growth forecasts are down, inflation is up, and unemployment is rising fast. Even his fellow Tory finance people are warning that Osborne’s drastic spending cuts are choking the economy. The Financial Times is predicting that by the time of the next general election there will be a £30 billion black hole in the economy and the country is expected to go into recession at any moment.

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