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Unions tell Labour: defend the workers

by Caroline Colebrook

A GROWING group of major union leaders have voiced serious criticism of Labour leader Ed Miliband and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls for their tame acceptance of the Con-Dem Coalitions cuts to jobs, wages, services, pensions and benefits.

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Russia says ‘Hands off Syria & Iran’

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

RUSSIA has warned the West that it is opposed to any Nato intervention in Syria or Iran, amid rising tension following the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran last week. Anglo-American imperialism swiftly moved to deny any involvement in the killing, which the Iranians say was the work of Israeli intelligence.

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Eternal vigilance required to defeat the fascists

THE BRITISH National Party has over the last two years suffered huge electoral defeats — it has been virtually wiped out from Britain’s local authorities — and its finances are in total disarray. It has descended into bitter infighting, mainly over money but also over clashes of ego. The Islamophobic English Defence League is seriously divided and its leader — convicted of violent disorder offences — is under court orders not to appear in public and has to operate in the shadows.

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