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Cameron versus Europe

by Caroline Colebrook

THE LABOUR front benches in the House of Commons were in an uproar of hilarity last Tuesday at the expense of Prime Minister David Cameron after he came back from Europe and had to try to explain why he did not use his veto to stop the 25 nations of Europe signed up the to new fiscal treaty from using the apparatus of the European Union, when last December he had tried to veto the whole thing.

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Russia and China resist the imperialist drive against Syria

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

RUSSIA and People’s China are resisting a new imperialist drive at the United Nations to topple the Syrian government. Rabid imperialist calls for Syrian President Bashar al Assad to resign and hand over power to self-appointed opposition leaders, who do the bidding of the oil princes and the Western powers, have been translated into another Nato-sponsored draft resolution at the UN Security Council that would give UN sanction for a Libya-style Nato attack on Syria.

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Bankers step back

ROYAL Bank of Scotland chief executive Simon Hester last week bowed to mounting public pressure and agreed not to accept the million pound bonus he was about to be awarded. He will be no means be hard up because of this — his pay deals since 2008 have amounted to over £11 million. But he expressed bewilderment at why the people of this country would begrudge him the extra million after he had “turned around” the fortunes of RBS after it was taken over by the government of Gordon Brown after the dismissal of Fred “the Shred” Goodwin.

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