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by Daphne Liddle

THE TORY-led Coalition Government is in deep disarray as the Health and Social Care Bill goes to the House of Lords for debate. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is demanding further big changes but Tory leader David Cameron will only say that minor amendments can be accommodated as the Bill passes through the Lords.

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Syria approves new constitution

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

RUSSIA and China have endorsed the Syrian government’s referendum which overwhelmingly approved a new constitution to meet the genuine demands on the street for democratic renewal.

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Workfare hurts all workers

TORY MP Priti Patel is calling for a police crackdown on the “extremist anti-capitalist protesters” who last week targeted Tesco and other high street chains using unwaged workfare labour. She has also accused the BBC and the Guardian of being biased in their reporting of the issue. We wonder how she would feel if one day she turned up to work to be given her P45 and told she had been replaced by an unwaged teenager because that would be financially beneficial to her employers.

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