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Europe rises against austerity

by our European Affairs correspondent

EUROPEAN workers said no to austerity last week in series of votes right across the European Union, toppling the Greek government and kicking Nicolas Sarkozy out of the élysée Palace in the French presidential race. The Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition was punished in the British local elections, while voters turned their backs on former premier Silvio Berlusconi’s reactionary party in the similar polls in Italy.

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Employment protection laws under attack

by Caroline Colebrook

THE ECONOMY is back in recession, share prices are tumbling and the Con-Dem Coalition plans to take full advantage to use the dire economic situation to strip what little employment protection workers in Britain still have — according to measures announced in the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday.

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A vote against austerity

LAST WEEK’S local elections were a slap in the face for David Cameron and his Liberal-Democrat collaborators. The Liberal-Democrats collapsed. Though Boris Johnson managed to cling on to the London mayoralty by a whisker, the Conservative vote plummeted across the country. The maverick Tory UK Independence Party (UKIP), which has 12 MEPs, failed to win any council seats but bagged 14 per cent of the vote, almost entirely from disaffected Tories. The fascist parties lost their last remaining councillors while nonsensical plans for more directly elected mayors were rejected in nine of the 10 cities balloted on the same day.

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