National News

Police protest at cuts

by New Worker correspondent

AROUND 50,000 off-duty police officers from forces throughout England and Wales marched through London last Thursday — the same day as public sector unions Unite, PCS and UCU were staging their third one-day national strike over pension cuts.

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No injustice will last forever

OVER 500 members and supporters of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign stood in Whitehall, opposite Downing Street last Saturday to mark Nakba Day with the message that “No injustice will last forever”.

The Nakba (catastrophe) took place in 1948 when Zionist forces drove nearly a million Palestinian Arabs from their homes and farms to pave the way for an Israel far greater than what was envisaged in the UN partition plan. The Palestinian Arabs were forced out to make room for Zionist settlers.

Their exodus was already nearly half-complete by May 1948, when Israel was established and the first Arab-Israeli war began. Only a remnant of the original Palestinian Arab population remained inside Israel when the armistice was signed in 1949.

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Half a million public sector workers strike

HUNDREDS of thousands of public sector workers staged a one-day national strike on Thursday 10th March as part of the ongoing fight to defend public sector pensions in an action that was coordinated by the civil service union PCS, the giant union Unite, the lecturers’ union UCU, transport union RMT, NIPSA and the ISU.

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Hundreds of thousands to lose disability benefits

WORK and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith last week announced that around 500,000 people currently receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) are likely to lose this benefit under plans that are outlined in a report from the Departments of Work and Pensions.

He said the cuts in benefit payments would save the Government £2.24 billion a year. DLA is to be abolished and replaced with the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

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Patients treated in corridors

THE ROYAL College of Nursing last week claimed that cuts in the numbers of hospital beds has led to patients being treated on trolleys in corridors, in a report issued just before the union’s annual conference.

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Fascist attack on Liverpool picket line fails

A GROUP of fascists, comprising members and supporters of the Infidels of Britain (a breakaway from the English Defence League, Combined Ex Forces and the National Front) last Thursday failed in their attempt to attack a picket line in Liverpool.

The picket line was directly outside the HMRC office and part of the one-day national strike in defence of pensions.

The fascists revealed their anti-working class agenda by trying to attack the pickets at around 15.30.

They immediately started pushing people, calling everyone present: “paedophiles”, “lesbians”, “traitors”, “communists”, and “work-shy cunts”.

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Lewisham against the EDL

by New Worker correspondent

DOZENS of anti-fascists turned out in Lewisham last Saturday to show their anger and defiance at an attack by English Defence League thugs on a Socialist Workers’ Party stall that left two pensioners needing hospital attention.

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Red salute to Democratic Korea!

by New Worker correspondent

FRIENDS of revolutionary Korea met in London last weekend to mark the centenary of the birth of great leader Kim Il Sung, the eternal president of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and to hear a report back on the World Congress of the Juche Idea that took place in Pyongyang last month.

Dermot Hudson, the chair of the Juché Idea Study Group, opened with a comprehensive report on the Juché conference and life in the DPRK today. NCP leader Andy Brooks gave a rousing rendition of the declaration of the World Congress of the Juché Idea, which was adopted by the meeting by acclaim.

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Solidarity with Syria

by New Worker correspondent

NEW WORKER supporters and members of the Arab community in London heard two stirring calls to stand by Syria at a New Worker public meeting last week. Prof Kamal Majid, the vice-president of the Stop the War Coalition and New Communist Party leader Andy Brooks spoke in detail about the moves of US-led imperialism and their Arab agents to overthrow the Assad government.

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Soviet Victory Day in London

by New Worker correspondent

AROUND 200 people gathered in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum on Wednesday 9th May to commemorate the millions of Soviet soldiers, sailors, air crew and civilians who died in the titanic struggle to defeat the Nazi war machine and to celebrate their victory that brought peace and freedom to Europe.

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International News

Third day of protests in Spain

by Ed Newman

PROTESTERS in Spain marked the third day of demonstrations at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, on the eve of the first anniversary of the M-15 Movement. At least 100,000 people marched in Spain over the weekend in 80 cities to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the protest movement that arose in response to crippling austerity measures and economic stagnation.

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Palestinians mark Nakba Day

by Saud Abu Ramadan in Gaza

A YELLOW van drove through Gaza City’s densely populated streets on Tuesday with a loudspeaker calling on residents to mark the 64th anniversary of Nakba Day, or “the day of catastrophe” in Arabic.

Hundreds of young men and women waving Palestinian flags marched through the city’s main street Omer al-Mukhtar, led by eight young men carrying a huge map of historic Palestine with names of towns and villages on it.

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Cuba works for Non-Aligned Movement unity

Radio Havana Cuba

THE COMPLEX challenges imposed by the current international situation become even more essential for the unity of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), an objective that Cuba has always supported, the only founding Latin American member of that forum.

And, as affirmed at the recent NAM meeting in Cairo by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, we live during a decisive moment in history where there is pressure to boost our differences or foster division. But, Cuba’s top diplomat affirmed, in such circumstances, solidarity must be more clearly manifested.

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Erna Bennett 1925—2012

Erna Bennett died in January this year, aged 86. Erna was active in the Australian communist movement in the 1990s and later became a New Worker correspondent in Italy and Greece.

by Hannah Middleton and Eddie Clynes

COMRADES will remember Erna as passionate, knowledgeable and incisive, someone who made a substantial contribution to our party’s work. Erna’s hatred of capitalism, with its exploitation of people and nature, was pervasive.

[ Erna Bennett 1925—2012 ]


US: eviction is a form of terrorism

by Dianne Mathiowetz

“NIGHTMARE on Wellhaun Road” is how 62-year-old Christine Frazer describes 2nd May events, when dozens of DeKalb County sheriff’s deputies surrounded her home in the southern US state of Georgia at 3am.

The family, including her 85-year-old mother, Daisy Fields, Frazer’s daughter, Rasheeda; and her three-year-old son were roused from their sleep by armed men beating on their door and ordering them to evacuate. Was there some sort of emergency? Was the family in danger? No. The army of uniformed police came to carry out an eviction.

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The Venezuelan opposition’s coup option

by Alfredo G Pierrat in Caracas

AS THE 7th October presidential elections approach, the political situation here is marked by impressive and growing support among the majority of the population for President Hugo Chávez, whose main rival is opposition candidate Henrique Capriles.

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