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by Daphne Liddle

THE TUC has opted for a general strike — but only in principle. Delegates voted in favour of a motion tabled by the Prison Officers’ Association (POA) calling for an investigation into the practicalities of holding a one-day general strike at the TUC’s annual conference in Brighton last week.

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Millions march for Catalonia

by our European Affairs correspondent

TWO MILLION people took to the streets of Barcelona this week to call for independence during the celebrations marking Catalonia’s national day on Tuesday.

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Labour movement’s confidence grows

THE GROWING confidence of the labour movement was seen at the TUC’s annual conference this week with the decision to back another co-ordinated public sector strike over pay and cuts. That, and the fact that half the members of the General Council are supporting a call for a general strike reflects a renewed determination to challenge the determination of the ruling class to put the entire burden of the capitalist slump on the backs of the workers.

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