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Rise in families made homeless

by Daphne Liddle

THE NUMBER of families formally recognised as homeless has risen by 44 per cent in the last two years according to a report published last week by the National Housing Federation.

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Syrian Army routs rebels

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

Syrian troops went on the offensive this week with two large anti-terrorist drives in Aleppo and sweeping out Nato-backed rebels attempting to set up a new base in a Damascus suburb.

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Ida Hackett remembered

by Mike Fletcher

TRADE Unionists and other progressives in Nottingham held a memorial meeting for Ida Hackett last Sunday.

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Undoing the education system

FEW PEOPLE disagreed that out school examination system needed a big overhaul. Certainly the teaching unions didn’t. The introduction under previous Tory governments in the early 90s of school league tables, along with a funding system based on market forces compelled head teachers to continually raise their exam success rates or lose essential funding. Non-exam subjects like music and sport went out of the window; pupils were allowed to sit exams only if they were sure to pass and softer exam boards were sought out while the more stringent ones were abandoned.

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